LTL Robert Parker is Working Hard

November 25, 2019

As many of our instructors will tell you, writing a book is no easy task. It takes time, patience, research, outlining, editing, and revising. And no one can give you a better idea of what it is like to go through this process than Robert Parker, a limited-term lecturer teaching for the Department of History & Philosophy.

Robert’s career has been based in history for a number of years. He attended Indiana University, received a Bachelor’s degree in history, and continued his studies at Valparaiso University, earning an MA in history. Following his collegiate studies, Robert taught history and geography in the Portage school system, including dual credit classes for Purdue Northwest. After mastering the college-level curriculum, Robert secured a limited-term lecturer position.

While Robert has been entrenched in the world of education, he has been able to find a passion in writing. His early works took him on a unique journey of researching and writing about British Prime Ministers as well as the British monarchy. In addition to these topics, Robert has also written books about World War I and World War II. Earlier this year, Robert saw the release of not just one book, but two – Utah Beach 6 June 1944: The D-Day Landing and Omaha Beach 6 June 1944: The D-Day Landing.

When it comes to the writing process, Robert said, “Sometimes the words flow, and sometimes they don’t. I try to pound out something at every sitting, even if it only shows me what I do not want to say.” Robert also said that a good rule of thumb is to allot six months for researching and outlining, and that additional research found in travel and photography can aid in the writing process. After the research is complete, Robert writes and edits for another six months.

Robert’s work has been published by Amberley Publishing in England. His books are available on Amazon, and can be found at Barnes & Noble, museums, tourist sites, and local “mom and pop” bookstores. Robert has also done book signings at various locations in the US and in England. Considering he has written six books in eight years, Robert has plenty of advice for aspiring writers, saying, “Don’t be surprised if several publishers reject both your ideas and your manuscripts. Just keep submitting and eventually you will find a publisher or editor who believes in you.” Congratulations to Robert on his accomplishments and we look forward to his next ventures. Links to Robert’s recent publications can be found below.

Utah Beach 6 June 1944: The D-Day Landing –

Omaha Beach 6 June 1944: The D-Day Landing –



"eventually you will find a publisher or editor who believes in you.”