NSF Grant Award: Vijay Devabhaktuni and Khair Al Shamaileh

August 31, 2020
Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni

We are #PNWEngineeringProud of ECE Department Chair Vijay Devabhaktuni, Ph.D. and Khair Al Shamaileh, Ph.D.! Their collaborative NSF proposal “Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Small: UAV-NetSAFE. COM: UAV Network Security Assessment and Fidelity Enhancement through Cyber-Attack-Ready Optimized Machine-Learning Platforms” has just been awarded a total of $200,000 for Purdue University Northwest.

Dr. Khair Al Shamaileh“UAVs find widespread uses in civil, healthcare, and other scientific applications, such as climate monitoring, disaster management, search and rescue operations, and space exploration. The overarching goal of this project is to promote cyber-awareness of UAV networks, pioneer innovative security solutions, and serve the US national interest by directly mitigating the severity of cyber-attacks that could otherwise lead to human causalities, leakage of sensitive data, and degraded quality-of-service.

Khair Al Shamaileh, Ph.D.



Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni

“Similar to what GPS devices and mobile phones accomplished in the past two decades, UAVs are expected to transform the humanity and the world in the next decade. This grant will support training of our students by engaging them in this futuristic research and preparing them with high demand skills for high paid jobs.”

– Vijay Devabhaktuni, Ph.D.