Purdue University Northwest is committed to maintaining a community that is free from discrimination and harassment in any form.

Discrimination and harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Filing a Discrimination or Harassment Complaint

If you have been subjected to conduct that violates the Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action Policy or the Anti-Harassment Policy, you may file an informal or formal complaint.

Submit a Complaint

Complaints must be filed within 120 days of the incident of harassment or discrimination or if the harassment or discrimination is ongoing, within 120 days from the most recent incident. If you are employed at the university and are terminated, your complaint must be filed within 10 days of your termination.


The Complaint Process

In the informal complaint process you (complainant) and whomever you are filing the complaint against (respondent) meet with a representative from the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to discuss the issue. You have the option of meeting together with the respondent or meeting separately, in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of the issue.

In a formal complaint, the Chancellor will assign a university investigator to review the allegations, and the investigator will speak with you and the respondent, as well as any witnesses, separately. The investigator will share the information gathered during the investigation in a report that both you and the respondent. You both will have an opportunity to review, as well as, submit comments regarding the contents of the report.

The investigator will then share the report with the Chancellor (or his designee). The Chancellor will make a final determination as to whether a University policy has been violated and if so will impose sanctions upon the respondent. Detailed information regarding the complaint process can be found on pages 35 – 57 of the Foster Respect Creating Community booklet.