PNW COVID-19 Guest Policy

PNW faculty or staff who are considering inviting vendors, collaborators or other guests (those not employed by or attending PNW) to campus need to follow our official guest protocol.

Before You Start

Do you need to meet in person? Determine whether the same outcomes may be achieved by a virtual meeting.

If an on-campus meeting is necessary to achieve the desired outcomes, the following procedures must happen.

Prior to Your Meeting

Send an email outlining campus policies as they relate to COVID-19 and keeping campus safe, including the following information.

Dear (PNW Invited Guest Name)-

I look forward to our in-person meeting at Purdue University Northwest. Before your visit, I wanted to shares some policy updates designed to keep our campus community safe during COVID-19.

Your meeting will take place in (Building name and Office number).

Please use (list the entrance and specific door) to enter the building.

Before Your Visit

During Your Visit

  • When in the building, please be aware that elevator occupancy is limited to one person; we recommend the stairs whenever possible.
  • Be prepared for changes to restrooms and water fountains due to campus safety measures.
  • Please be mindful of directional and informational signs and be sure to follow their instructions.

We look forward to your visit and appreciate you respecting our policies as we navigate theses challenging times.

If you have any questions about your visit, please let me know.

Thank you.

While on Campus

At the outset of the meeting, any necessary instructions about bathroom/building usage should be given by meeting host.

Guest Resources

Pre-Visit Safety Survey

How to Safely Wear a Face Covering

Steps to Proper Hand Washing