Online Student Experience

What Is a Distance/Remote/Online Learning Course?

Courses that are considered “distance learning,” “remote learning,” or “online,” have the majority, or all, of the learning for a class available in a digital environment. This type of course supports learning in a digital-age structure with communication and interaction taking place over the Internet.

What Should I Expect from a Distance Learning Course?

Instructors will provide details regarding your classwork and expectations. Content modules with lectures, PowerPoints, videos, quizzes/tests, and interactive discussions, assignments, and projects may be available in the online learning environment.

While your online course will be available to you at all times, your instructor will still expect you to complete tasks within specific deadlines as identified in their syllabus. 

What Are the Technology Requirements for a Distance Learning Course?

Although specific equipment is not required, it is strongly encouraged to own or have access to a recent computer system. Due to the nature of using technology to complete the coursework having Internet access from a personal computer can be helpful.

A perk of being a PNW student is the discount(s) you receive when purchasing an Apple, Dell, HP, Surface Pro or others.

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