PNW’s Roaring Loud cranks the volume

April 26, 2023

Purdue University Northwest (PNW) recently hosted a free outdoor concert for students featuring Cxpital and Beach Bunny. More than 700 people gathered to jam out to two bands’ alternative music performances in a marquee campus event to help close out the spring semester. It was the second annual Roaring Loud concert hosted at PNW, a free concert for current and newly admitted students.

Beach Bunny headlined the evening with pieces from the band’s second album “Emotional Creature” and selections from its various singles. The band was started in Chicago by frontwoman Lili Trifilio and is known for its songs “Prom Queen,”“Sports,”“Weeds,” and more.

Alternative band Cxpital performed as the opening act. The band formed after members and PNW alumni Lucie Ashmore, MA ‘21, BA ‘19 and Benji Grimmler BA ‘21 met during a Communication and Creative Arts class and joined with Tyler Maximoff of St. John. The band released its first extended play (EP) “Imposter” in 2021.

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PNW's mascot, Leo, joins the band Cxpital onstage during their performance.

Leo jams out with opening act alternative band Cxpital.

Students in the crowd hold up homemade signs during the Cxpital performance

Audience members cheer for opening act Cxpital.

The crowd during the opening act. The stage is in the background

PNW hosted its second annual Roaring Loud concert as a marquee event to close out the spring semester.

Two audience members sit on the shoulders of their friends. They are holding their phones up to record.

Audience members record the fun on their cellphones during the Roaring Loud spring concert.

The stage is lit up by blue lights. Outlines of the crowds heads are present at the bottom third of the photo

Headliner Beach Bunny takes the stage during the Roaring Loud concert.

Audience members are shown in pink light holding up their cellphone flash lights

Audience members create a sea of cellphone lights during Beach Bunny’s performance.

The members of Beach Bunny pose with the crowd.

Beach Bunny and the crowd pose for a photo during the Roaring Loud concert.

Four students stand around a table that is piled with bright gold t-shirts

Concert attendees were able to grab limited edition gold Roaring Loud t-shirts.