Medical Emergency

All reports of injuries should be reported to the University Police Department.

In the event of a personal injury or serious illness the following procedure is to be followed:

  1. Do not move a seriously injured or ill person unless the person is in life-threatening situation (i.e. falling debris, fire, explosion).
  2. Someone should stay with the injured or ill person, if possible. Keep the victim calm and comfortable as possible. Administer CPR & AED if the situation calls for it and you are qualified.
  3. If you believe an ambulance is needed, dial 911 (mobile device) or 9-911 (campus phone). Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • The nature of the injury or illness
    • Location of the injured or ill party
    • The telephone number you are calling from
    • Any other vital information requested
  4. Call 911 (mobile device) or 9-911 (campus phone) and notify them of the Incident. All medical emergencies require a university medical report and the University Police prepare these reports.
  5. Return to the victim and remain with them until EMS personnel arrive.
  6. Transportation to a medical facility is to be provided ONLY by an ambulance or private person of the victim’s choice. University Police can not transport.
  7. In the event an ambulance is not required at the scene or is refused by the victim, a university staff person should assist in arranging transportation.

Injuries to Visitors and Guest

All reports of injuries to visitors or guest while on campus should be reported to the University Police Department.

Workplace Injuries

If an employee is injured while at work, please see the process for reporting and handling  work related illness/injuries. The employee’s supervisor should notify the Police Department and complete a first report of injury report.

Injury to Students

All reports of injuries to a student while on campus should be reported to the University Police Department. Students may seek on campus medical assistance if needed at Student Health Services during normal hours of operations.