Request Security for an Event

Event security is one of the services offered by PNW Campus Police. Many factors determine the need for our services, and we will work with organizations to make the events as safe as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Police talking with PNW students

Every event needs an emergency action plan so that problems caused by weather, power outages or other issues can be handled effectively. Campus police will consult with the event sponsors prior to making the final decision on police and security staffing levels. The officers hired for any event will be paid by the events Fund and Cost Center Numbers.

Request Security for an Event

Events That Might Require Police Presence

  • Student Events
  • Social Events
  • Athletic Events
  • Special Protection Details
  • Events Serving Alcoholic Beverages
  • Commencement
  • Political Events

Additional Considerations

Any of these additional factors may trigger the need to follow procedures to assure safe and successful events:

  • Events involving a large amount of participants (including organizers, attendees and honorees)
  • Events involving guests not affiliated with the campus
  • Events involving one or more high profile guests, including public figures and dignitaries such as municipal, state or federal government representatives; foreign state leaders and officials; diplomatic staff and other international delegates; celebrities; and public figures who attract media attention and/or raise concerns for security
  • Events that involve the use of directional street signage
  • Events that involve parking for vehicles or busses
  • Events where admission is charged or tickets are sold
  • Events with paid entertainers or performers
  • Events with a temporary stage, sound, lighting or rigging equipment
  • Events serving alcoholic beverages