Purdue University Northwest Announces Wide Range of Summer Camp Programs for K-12 Students

April 22, 2024
A student studies at a lab bench.

PNW’s Forensic Science Summer Camp teaches participants how to assess, collect, process and interpret crime scene evidence with hands-on laboratory techniques.

Parents looking for fun and engaging programs for their children for summer 2024 can check out more than 20 programs serving a variety of interests for K-12 students. PNW summer camps allow participants to have fun while gaining memorable hands-on experiences.

Various camps’ themes and activities will include robotics, artificial intelligence, forensics, nursing, leadership, environmental sciences, psychology, sports and more. Students can explore their areas of interest, deepen their knowledge, meet peers with similar interests, engage with knowledgeable PNW faculty members, and build their skills for future education and work careers.

Several PNW summer camps are made possible by Lilly Endowment Inc.’s Indiana Youth Programs on Campus. The grant supports higher education institutions in providing high-quality programming for K-12 students.

Registration is required for all camps. For a list of camp programs, additional information, updates or to register, visit pnw.edu/camps.