Refund and Withdrawal Schedule

PNW’s academic schedule includes pre-set deadlines for receiving refunds on tuition and fees as well as dropping courses. Browse these key dates below.

Summer 2020

The registration and refund deadlines in this list are affiliated with most programs and full-term courses at PNW. If you are in a program for which these dates do not apply (e.g., RN to BSN Online, English Language Program, and non-degree seeking international students), please seek communication from your program for more information.

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June 5Last Day to Drop Summer Session I Classes
June 15Summer Session II Classes Begin
June 19 (4:30 PM)Last Day for 100% Refund of Session II Classes
June 19 (4:00 PM)Final Payment Deadline for Summer 2020
June 26 (4:30 PM)Last Day for 40% Refund for Session II Classes
July 13Summer Session III Classes Begin
July 16 (4:30 PM)Last Day for 100% Refund of Session III Classes
July 24 Last Day to Drop Summer Session II Classes
July 31Last Day to Drop Summer Session III Classes
August 7Summer Classes End

Refund Guidelines

If you drop one or more classes during the refund period, your fees will be recalculated based on your liable credit hours. If your recalculated total liable credit hours are in the banded tuition rate, no refund is calculated.

For more information about banded tuition and how refund amounts are calculated contact the Bursar’s Office at (219) 989-2560.

Comprehensive Schedule

If you are registered in courses that differ from the traditional full-term dates, refer to this table about refund percentages and the last day to drop classes that fit within the start and end dates listed.

Summer 2020 Part of Term Refund Schedule

Number of Weeks (Part of Term Code)Start DateEnd DateLast Day to Receive 100% RefundLast Day to Receive 60% RefundLast Day to Receive 40% RefundLast Day to Receive 20% RefundNo RefundLast Day to Drop
12 Weeks (1)5/18/20208/7/20205/22/20206/1/20206/8/20206/15/20206/16/2020 to 7/17/20207/17/2020
4 Weeks (S1)5/18/20206/12/20205/21/2020NA5/28/2020NA5/29/2020 to 6/5/20206/5/2020
8 Weeks (S2)6/15/20208/7/20206/19/2020NA6/26/2020NA6/27/2020 to 7/24/20207/24/2020
4 Weeks (S3)6/15/20207/10/20206/18/2020NA6/24/2020NA6/25/2020 to 7/2/20207/2/2020
6 Weeks (S4)5/18/20206/26/20205/22/2020NA6/1/2020NA6/2/2020 to 6/17/20206/17/2020
6 Weeks (S5)6/29/20208/7/20207/6/2020NA7/13/2020NA7/14/2020 to 7/29/20207/29/2020
4 Weeks (S6)7/13/20208/7/20207/16/2020NA7/22/2020NA7/23/2020 to 7/31/20207/31/2020
8 Weeks (S7)5/18/20207/10/20205/22/2020NA6/1/2020NA6/2/2020 to 6/26/20206/26/2020
5 Weeks (S10) Online Nursing Courses5/18/20206/19/20205/21/2020NA5/28/2020NA5/29/2020 to 6/11/20206/11/2020
11 Weeks (S11) Online Nursing Courses5/18/20207/31/20205/22/20206/1/20206/8/20206/15/20206/16/2020 to 7/13/20207/13/2020
9 Weeks (S13) Online Nursing Courses5/18/20207/19/20205/22/2020NA6/1/2020NA6/2/2020 to 7/1/20207/1/2020