Spectacle and Diversity: Transnational Media and Global Culture

January 19, 2022

Lee Artz, Ph.D. is a professor of media studies and director of global studies. He has recently published a new book titled “Spectacle & Diversity: Transnational Media and Global Culture,” from academic publishing Routledge. He also has a signed contract for another book that will be published later this year titled, “Global Media Dialogues.”  

“Spectacle & Diversity: Transnational Media and Global Culture” shows how transnational media operates in the contemporary world and what their impact is on film, television and the larger global culture. This book is intended for students of global studies and international communication at all levels. 

“This book expands my study of global entertainment by looking at joint ventures and co-productions of television and film in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. This work joins the International scholarly conversation about global media and culture. Much of this information appears in courses I teach on media and culture at PNW–as well as in journals and conference presentations during the last few years.”