Aerosolar Engineering Club

The Purdue University Northwest Aerosolar Engineering Club (PNWAEC) is the premiere club on campus for talented engineering students. As a club we are focused on harvesting Solar Energy, with the purpose of charging electric car batteries at an unprecedented efficiency. The proposed concept is to use a photovoltaic airship platform to harvest Solar Energy from a high altitude, coupled with a ground docking station to anchor the airship and unload the charged batteries. This club provides many opportunities to its members including:

  • Becoming part of the global energy crisis solution
  • Participating in the annual Global Space Balloon Challenge which consists of over 568 teams from 68 countries
  • Gaining hands on experience through Mechanical and Electrical Engineering work
  • Developing a strong peer network of Engineers with Senior and Junior students
  • Improving communication and critical thinking skills pivotal to successful teamwork
  • Fostering leadership skills as an officer in the club

The PNWAEC accepts students of any level/major from Purdue University Northwest. If you are interested in getting information or becoming a club member, please feel free to contact the president or club advisor.

Contact Us

President: Shaik Salman
Advisor: Yun Liu