Society of Women Engineers

Honorary & Professional Fraternity/Sorority
SWE is the only Women in Engineering group at Purdue University Northwest that strive to give female students in STEM a place to achieve their full potential and supply women pursuing a STEM degree at PNW with all of the confidence, determination, and tools they need to be successful as students and in the workplace beyond our university.

We also place a big emphasis to show how important inclusivity and diversity are in the workplace and in normal life to anyone who is interested in joining our organization. SWE enhances student life on campus by giving women in male-dominated fields, such as engineering, computer science, mathematics, and technology, a place to come together and grow as individuals. We encourage female students (and male students) from numerous different majors to join and take advantage of various opportunities that will help the campus as a whole promote a more diverse and inclusive environment for all students.

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President: Sylvia Kelechi

Advisor: Xiaoli Yang