Students Helping Ignite Needed Esteem (S.H.I.N.E.)

Kindness and positivity are directly connected to increased self-esteem, motivation, and improved focus and mental health, resulting in higher rates of creativity, success, and problem solving! In college, we all face an abundance of negativity, such as bullying, the news, and challenges brought on by our peers, co-workers, and the world around us. This stress can in turn lead to low exam grades, high drop out rates, damaged health, and even suicide, which is why SHINE’s initiatives are so important.

SHINE stands for Students Helping Ignite Needed Esteem. In SHINE, members will plan special kind events and projects like our annual Kindness in the Library, flower handout, uplifting flyer making, Gabis Arboretum remembrance garden, and much more! We strive to find creative ways to make campus a kinder and more positive place.

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President: Kayla Vasilko
Vice President: Kaitlyn Vasilko
Treasurer: Chris Wayman
 Saige Addison
Advisors: Sarah White & Heather Augustyn