Westville Warriors

The Westville campus is a beautiful resource for our university. The Westville Warriors were created to emphasize the equal value of the Westville campus, the Hammond campus and Gabis Arboretum. We advocate for equal classes, events, and programming on the Westville campus to meet the needs of students who are primarily on that campus as well as the surrounding community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote equal access to a quality PNW educational experience regardless of a student’s major field of study, residence/location, race, financial status, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status or any other identifying characteristics. Our main goal is to work together to ensure that our one university is equally strong!

We will continuously spread awareness for our organization so that students know they can come to us when experiencing scheduling issues; we will not only help guide them to their advisors and appropriate faculty but also assemble a living list of the programming needs of Westville students and surrounding community members. As an organization, we believe that no student should have to change programs or leave PNW because they are unable to commute. When we consider the number of students balancing school, work and familial obligations, we believe meeting students where they are is paramount.

The Westville Warriors will advocate for equal access to education and plan routine fundraisers and events to support students and help ensure that all students have access to the resources that they need.

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Contact Us

President: Kayla Vasilko 

Vice-President: Kaitlin Vasilko

Treasurer: Chris Wayman 

Secretary: Chris Morrison

Advisor: Heather Augustyn