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Adama and staff next to telescope

Since the dedication of the NIRo telescope in 2010, we have had the good fortune of working with a steady stream of undergraduate physics and engineering majors on observational, technical, and engineering projects.


Students (Past & Present)

  • Brent Segally, ’11 (initial engineering and calibration, eclipsing binaries – T Lmi)
  • Gerald Keller, ’12 (instrumentation – robotic lens cap, LED array)
  • Matthew Bernard, ’13 (initial MPC submission)
  • Craig Holland, ’13 (eclipsing binaries – Y Leo)
  • Andrew Jackura, ’13 (instrumentation – robotic lens cap)
  • Natalie Walker, ’13 (initial engineering and calibration)
  • Daniel Huizenga, ’14 (near-Earth asteroids)
  • Ryan Torrenga, ’14 (eclipsing binaries – Y Leo, ER Vul)
  • Devin Whitten, ’15 (near-Earth asteroids, exoplanets)
  • Jerald Balta ’17 (near-Earth asteroids, asteroid light curves, chip calibration)
  • Joshua Balcerak (chip calibration)
  • Szymon Cias (near-Earth asteroids, asteroid light curves)
  • Salvador Espinoza (chip calibration)
  • Steven Garza (near-Earth asteroids, asteroid light curves)
  • Richard Gorby (chip calibration, asteroid light curves)
  • Jacob Pavel (near-Earth asteroids, chip calibration, Algol-type eclipsing binaries)
  • Xavier Richardson (chip calibration)
  • Omar Siddiqui (near-Earth asteroids)
  • Samantha Tarkington (exoplanets, near-Earth asteroids, asteroid light curves)
  • Joshua Vandenoever (near-Earth asteroids, asteroid light curves)
  • Andie Wahlberg (chip calibration)
Contact Us
Adam Rengstorf is pictured.

Adam W. Rengstorf, Ph.D.

Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Adam Rengstorf teaches all levels of physics lecture and lab courses, general-education astronomy courses, and upper-level astrophysics courses. He also oversees all observing campaigns and undergraduate research projects at PNW’s NIRo observatory.

(219) 989-2327