ACUE Teaching Fellows

The following PNW faculty members have completed the ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices and earned the ACE-endorsed Certificate in Effective College Instruction.

To earn the certificate faculty members had to complete at least 25 modules of instruction, each of which required faculty to implement an evidence-based teaching practice in one of their courses and reflect upon its effectiveness.

  • Lizbeth Bryant
    Associate Professor of English
  • Karen Covington
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing
  • Taryn Eastland
    Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Mohammed Errihani
    Associate Professor of English
  • Bankole Fasanya
    Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Robert Hallock
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Emily Hixon
    Professor of Education
  • Bir Kafle
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Mandy Kratovil-Mailhiot
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Jin Lu
    Professor of French
  • Michael Lynn
    Professor of History
  • Randyl Marquis
    Supervisor, Office of Instructional Technology
  • Robert Merkovsky
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Maged Mikhail
    Assistant Professor of Mechatronic Engineering Technology
  • Paolo Miranda
    Associate Professor of Finance
  • Songtao Mo
    Associate Professor of Accounting
  • David Nalbone
    Professor of Psychology
  • Libbie Pelter
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Vanessa Quinn
    Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Michael Roller
    Associate Professor of Computer Graphics Technology
  • Wendy St. Jean
    Associate Professor of History
  • Dan Wilbur
    Associate Professor of Communications
  • Lin Zhao
    Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
  • Gokarna Aryal
    Associate Professor of Statistics
  • Mita Choudhury
    Associate Professor of English
  • Marianne Curia
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Norma Elias
    Continuing Lecturer of Mathematics
  • Connie Farrell
    Continuing Lecturer of English
  • Heather Fielding
    Associate Professor of English
  • Lindsey Gielda
    Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Catherine Gillotti
    Associate Professor of Communication
  • Diane Hoekstra
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Grethe Hystad
    Assistant Professor of Statistics
  • Shontrai Irving
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Quantitative Business Statistics
  • Kenneth Kincaid
    Associate Professor of History and Philosophy
  • Jamie Kozel
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing
  • Janet Landrum
    Limited Term Lecturer of Nursing
  • Barbara Mania-Farnell
    Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Sweet Mordi
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Megan Murphy
    Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences
  • Quamar Niyaz
    Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering
  • Neeti Parashar
    Professor of Physics
  • Michael Pelter
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Lori Petersen
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • David Pratt
    Associate Professor of Education
  • Debra Hollingsworth Pratt
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Education
  • Adam Rengstorf
    Associate Professor of Physics/Astronomy
  • Kathryn Sweeney
    Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Rhon Teruelle
    Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Social Media
  • Cindy Torres
    Continuing Lecturer of Spanish
  • Ceren Turedi
    Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Serdar Turedi
    Assistant Professor of Business Analytics
  • Donna Whitten
    Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Wangling Yu
    Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology