February 2017

April 7, 2020

18-19 CEP Applications & Registration Forms

  1. For those schools who have confirmed instructors/classes with PNW for the 18-19 school year —- thank you!!!
  2. 2018-2019 CEP applications and registration forms are available. Please let Rachel know how many forms you will need of each if not done so already.
  3. 18-19 CEP forms are different from those in the past. There are very important sections that have been added to all forms. Please recycle all old applications, old registration forms, and even old drop forms.
  4. Old applications, old registration forms, and old drop forms will not be accepted.
  5. CEP admission standards for 18-19 are the same as in the 17-18 school year.
  6. Please reach out to Rachel to set up a meeting to go over the new application and registration form.

CEP “Day on Campus” Field Trips

The Office of Concurrent Enrollment would love the opportunity to host your students on campus for the day. Both the Hammond campus and the Westville campus can be used for the field trip. You let us know which campus you would like to visit and then we’ll work together to plan a day that your CEP students will not forget!! The CEP “Day on Campus” could include:

  • Cadaver Lab (Westville campus)
  • Modern Languages Lab (Hammond campus)
  • Campus Tour/Admissions Presentation
    • WV — new DSAC building
    • Hammond — student housing
  • PNW Advisor Presentation
  • Help with activating PNW online accounts
  • Get PNW student ID
  • Online Resources (databases)
  • Presentation
  • Sit in on a PNW lecture class with PNW students
  • Sit in on a PNW lab
  • Lunch is provided
    • many staff, faculty, and students attend lunch to visit with and talk with CEP students
  • PNW Swag

This field trip could be tailored specifically for your group and your school.

Contact Rachel to set up a field trip today!!!!