May 2017

April 7, 2020

Congratulations on another great school year!!

Before leaving for the summer, the Office of Concurrent Enrollment (OCE) wanted to share with you
some important information:

  1. Grades
    1. Final grades are due by Friday, June 15th. The instructors are already aware of this date, but we wanted to let you all know as well.
  2. Applications/Registration Forms.
    1. Applications are due July 1st for those classes beginning in Fall. The OCE strongly encourages all registration forms be turned in OCE to set up a pick-up date.
  3. PNW JumpStart.
    1. The in-school presentations are back!!! That’s right!! These presentations, called ‘PNW JumpStart’ are being scheduled right now. In 2016, the OCE presented this program to 2700 students. The OCE hopes to present to as many students as possible, especially with the new drop policy being reinstated at the end of September. Dates are already filling up fast! Contact Rachel Clark at to set up a visit.
  4. New!!! CEP Instructor Scholarships.
    1. Earlier this week, instructors and counselors were emailed a CEP Instructor Scholarship application. That’s right! PNW will be awarding two scholarships each Fall and Spring. For more information, please contact Rachel Clark at
  5. Last note.
    1. There will be many more outreach initiatives offered through the Office of Concurrent Enrollment beginning with the 18-19 school year. We are excited to share these opportunities with you and will do so late-Summer.

Have a GREAT summer!!!!!!!