Consortium members and partners are active in publishing their work, adding to the body of knowledge surrounding the field.


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Dissertations and MS Thesis

  1. Navaratne, Uditha S. Multi-Agent Approach (MAS) to Solve Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Allocation Problem to Increase the Stability and reliability of the Distribution System. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. Advisor: N. Athula Kulatunga, Ph.D. Dissertation
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  1. Prof. Athula Kulatunga is collaborating with the State of Indiana’s Clean Cities Coalition,, in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development initiatives. Applied research, deployment, education, and technical expertise of the CRGSI consortium will help federal, state, and private enterprises align their investment strategies to take a strong foothold in the region. The electric vehicle ecosystem encompasses technologies that have been developing in silos to orchestrate actual economic benefits and environmental stewardship. CRSGI uses RDD&D (Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment) method since its inception. Today. Federal funding opportunities (FOA) request precisely that. CRSGI at PNW Engineering Technology Department is ready to assist all continuants in the EV infrastructure frontier. The Electronics Engineering Technology program now focusses on EV Electronics and Renewable Energy.