Requesting Accomodations

The Disability Access Center empowers college-ready students with documented disabilities to participate fully in PNW by providing equal access and opportunity.

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The Road to Access

Lion Statue in front of the Student Union and Library BuildingWhat path do students typically take to receive accommodations at the Disability Access Center (DAC)?

  1. Caution: Student has concerns—the DAC can help!
  2. Student contacts the DAC: Fill out the DAC Intake Form online.
  3. Student meets with the DAC: The DAC review documentation and discusses options. Remember, accommodations are based on documentation.
  4. Student chooses: Each semester, student completes the Authorization to Distribute Access Plan to the faculty they select.
  5. Faculty are notified: Faculty of student’s choice will receive access plan letters
  6. Private Meeting: Student meets privately with professors to discuss how accommodations will be provided.
  7. Monitor: Student monitors accommodations and contacts the DAC with any concerns.
  8. Student registers for the next semester and returns to step four.

Have questions? Not a problem! Call 219-989-2455 to set up a meeting at the DAC or stop in SULB 341 (Hammond) or TECH 101 (Westville).


An accommodation is an adjustment to/ within the academic environment that serves to remove barriers and allow students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the educational experience without lowering the academic standards.

Accommodations may include but not limited to:

  1. The Disability Access Center will review the documents and information provided during the initial meeting in order to determine if the requested accommodation is reasonable. An accommodation is deemed unreasonable when it substantially alters a course or program.
  2. The Disability Access Center will determine if the requested accommodation is appropriate to remove the barriers in an academic environment.
  3. The experiences conveyed by the student during the initial meeting with the Disability Resources Coordinator is also substantial in determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations.
  4. If necessary, additional documentation may be requested from qualified medical personnel.
  1. Complete the DAC Application.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the DAC. During this meeting you will discuss the following:
  • Provide current documentation.
  • Review the documents you will submit with the DAC.
  • Discuss your past accommodations.
  • Discuss the barriers experienced in the academic environment.
  • Recommend other accommodations and services which may be beneficial.
  1. Complete the Authorization to Distribute Access Plans and Emergency Evacuation Form online each semester as soon as you register for classes.