The PNW Accessibility Center has policies in place to protect our students as well PNW faculty and staff.

To use PNW Accessibility Center services, students need to agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Standards of academic integrity are strictly adhered to in the PNW Accessibility Center; therefore, only test materials approved by the instructor are allowed in the testing pod/room. Backpacks, purses, electronics, or any other personal items will be locked in a PNW Accessibility Center locker, and you will have the key. Testing pods/rooms are equipped with video and/or audio recording equipment. To ensure testing integrity, PNW Accessibility Center monitors/records students in testing pods/rooms. Students found to be committing acts of dishonesty will be reported to the instructor and the Dean of Students’ office.
  • AIM is the PNW Accessibility Center’s database management system. AIM contains many things including your accommodations, documentation, etc. If you want to have a seamless experience using the PNW Accessibility Center, please get familiar with AIM.
  • You should never give any instructor your medical documentation for any reason. This should always and only be provided to the PNW Accessibility Center. It will also be kept confidential by the PNW Accessibility Center.

Stuff you should know:

  • Immediately report to the PNW Accessibility Center if there are any disability-related issues at PNW.
  • You are responsible to check your email/voicemail for important messages from the PNW Accessibility Center.
  • Amongst other things, students are responsible to send their Access Plan, upload documentation, and schedule exams and quizzes in AIM.
  • You are the monitor for your accommodations. If something does not seem right, contact the PNW Accessibility Center as soon as possible.
  • Contact the PNW Accessibility Center immediately if your accommodations are not being provided by your instructor.
  • You must inform the PNW Accessibility Center immediately if there are any changes to your course schedule, instructor, or course section which may impact your accommodations.
  • To receive your accommodations (neatly packed in your Access Plan), you must send your Access Plan through AIM each semester.
  • If you have extended time for out-of-class assignments, please be sure you are communicating with your instructor BEFORE the assignment is due if you need to use your extended time accommodation.
  • If alternative text is an approved accommodation in your access plan, even before the semester begins, (when possible), submit a request for alternative text, which is on the left-hand side menu in AIM. Failure to request this early enough may result in a delay to the alternative format you need.
  • Students who have approved accommodations are only able to use those accommodations if they send their Access Plans in AIM for that current semester. Paper copies or emailed copies of current or previous accommodations are not valid. Any attempt to secure accommodations with paper or emailed copies of a student’s Access Plan outside of AIM will be considered an integrity violation and will be reported as such.
  • Students will be enrolled in the PNW Accessibility Center’s texting system. Students can opt out at any time by texting “Stop” in reply to a received text message the PNW Accessibility Center.
  • If you choose to take your exam in an alternative setting (not the PAC), or do not notify us if the time on your TIF is wrong, you do not get a second chance (re-do) on the exam or assignment.

By using PNW Accessibility Center services you agree to follow the statements on this page and and will be held to these standards.

For students with testing accommodations, in addition to the general student responsibilities, you also agree to the following:

Timing and Scheduling

  • You must sign up for your quiz/exam at least 5 days in advance. If you sign up late, you will need to indicate in AIM why this has occurred.
  • Even if your instructor has seen your Access Plan, it is still important to sign up in AIM to take your exam. AIM will auto-generate an email reminder to your instructor on your behalf.
  • Exams and quizzes must be taken at the same time your class is taking the exam/quiz.
  • You have several options when you sign up in AIM for where you will take your exam: at the PNW Accessibility Center on the Westville campus, at the PNW Accessibility Center on the Hammond campus, etc. It is your responsibility to confirm with your instructor how your peers are taking the exam.
  • If your class is not expected to come onto campus to take their exam, neither are you. However, you are more than welcome to test on campus if you choose to; but you must register to do so in AIM.
  • If you choose to take your exam in an alternative setting (not the PAC), or do not notify us if the time on your TIF is wrong, you do not get a second chance (re-do) on the exam.

Things to Bring:

  • A university or government photo ID must be shown prior to taking a quiz/exam at either PNW Accessibility Center location.

Securing Belongings:

  • Every student is to secure their belongings in a locker upon entering the PNW Accessibility Center. Each student may keep the locker key with them as they are testing. Students are not permitted anything in their testing area except what the instructions sheet specifies, from the instructor.
  • Cell phones, smart watches, and other electronics must be set to silent while in the locker.

What to Expect on Your Test Day?

  • You should NEVER start an exam if you see the time listed is not your extended time, whether on Brightspace, another online platform, or in your PNW Accessibility Center pod/room.
  • If you are ready to start your exam and you see the time listed is incorrect, please tell the PNW Accessibility Center immediately and we will figure out how to solve the problem.
  • When testing in the PNW Accessibility Center, make sure you read the Testing Instruction Form entirely before signing it. If something does not look right, tell the PNW Accessibility Center staff so they can verify the information with your instructor.

By using PAC services you agree to follow the statements on this page and and will be held to these standards.

You play a vital role in the accommodations process. The PNW Accessibility Center (PAC) staff appreciates your assistance in ensuring the process runs smoothly. Please review the following information.

  • Provide accommodations immediately from the date listed on the student’s access plan. You will receive an email from the PNW Accessibility Center notifying you that an access plan is ready to be read in your AIM Instructor Portal.
  • Please only discuss the student’s accommodations with student in a confidential setting.
  • Faculty are not required to provide accommodations retroactively from the date on the access plan. You may use your discretion when considering such a request.
  • Do not assume your student is intending to take their exam at the PAC. Students may take their exams with the rest of the class.
  • After receiving a request for an exam from the PAC, complete the Testing Instruction Form in its entirety.
  • Please only agree to provide students with their extended time in the classroom if you are able to proctor the student for the full accommodated time to which they are entitled. You are otherwise encouraged to direct students to schedule and take exams in the PAC.
  • The goal is to have students test in the PAC at the same time that students are taking the exam in class. This is not always possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding and ask that you direct any questions to the PAC.

The PNW Accessibility Center is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity, and therefore personal items such as cell phones, smart watches, laptops, purses and backpacks are not allowed in the exam room unless otherwise stated on the Testing Instruction Form or allowed as student accommodations. Any student observed committing acts of dishonesty will be reported to you as well as the Office of the Dean of Students.