Our expert faculty receive a number of prestigious grant awards and collaborate with students on research projects.

Project TitleSponsorAmountPrincipal InvestigatorSubcontract Principle Investigator:Subcontract Co-PI:
Full-duplex wireless networks by means of reflected power: Theory and applicationsNational Science Foundation$425,429 (2015-2020)Besma Smida (sole PI)  
Sustainable Wireless CommunicationNational Science Foundation358,973 (2015-2018)Besma Smida (CoPI) 
Optimizing Two-way Communications with FeedbackNational Science Foundation$238,885 (2013-2016)Besma Smida (sole PI)  
NSERC/Prompt AwardNational Science Foundation$224,900 (2014-2017)Besma Smida (collaborator)  
Collaborative Research: Strategies: Intergenerational EXperience in Community Education through Local Libraries (IEXCEL)National Science Foundation$249,746Muhammad Anan (PI)

Nasser Houshangi (CoPI)
Virtual Labs for Effective Undergraduate Education in Electric Drives and Power SystemsNational Science Foundation$290,303Constantin Apostoaia (PI)

Chenn Q. Zhou (CoPI)
CIF: Small: Optimizing Two-way Communications with FeedbackNational Science Foundation$238,885
Besma Smida  
Shoring Up STEM Education in Lake County, IndianaIndiana Commission of Higher Education Grant$362,655. (2011-2013) Charles TsengXiaoli Yang
iQ-GatewayTM System PrototypingiQ-Telematics$32,112Muhammad Anan 
Water Quality: Development of Genome Scan and Optical Scattering Imaging Technologies for Microbial Source TrackingUnited States Department of Agriculture$437,243 (2009-2012) Bin Chen 
Laser Technology for Improving Beach Monitoring for BacteriaUnited States Environmental Protection Agency$249,785 (2009-2012)Bin Chen  
Project TitleAdvisorStudent
Tutorial for Learning GeneticsXiaoli YangYifan Cai
Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Direct Driven PMSG for Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion SystemConstantin ApostoaiaSudeshna Kahn
Localization of Wireless Sensor NetworksMuhammad AnanMohammad Abdelhadi
Dynamic Video Streaming in an OpenFlow NetworkMohammad AbdelhadiLevente Ilyes
Embedded System for the Detection of Brushless Exciter FailureDonald GrayZsolt Szekely
Keyword Recognition Using Perceptually Significant FeaturesKaliappan GopalanPadmalochini Umakanthan
Deception Detection from SpeechKaliappan GopalanMuhammad Ullah
Thesis TitleAdvisorStudent
Modeling of an Unmanned Small Coaxial HelicopterNasser HoushangiVamsi Duvvuri
Effects of Shading on the Output Power of Photovoltaic ArraysDavid KozelMohammed Azharuddin
Real Time Path Planning for a Small Scale Coaxial Rotor Helicopter with Limited Sensing
in an Unstructured Environment
Nasser HoushangiSasan Barissi
A Real Time System for the Detection of Component Failure in Brushless ExcitersDonald GrayDa Wang
Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Control Strategy for a Small Scale Coaxial Rotor HelicopterNasser HoushangiBogdan Arama
Modeling and Simulation of Power Flow in an Electric Scooter for Energy Storage Through Regenerative Braking Using Ultracapacitors and Lithium-ion BatteriesDavid KozelMd. Rasheduzzaman
Dynamic Modeling of G-Banded Human Chromosomes for Cytogenetics EducationXiaoli YangWei Wu