Thank You Notes

Thanking Scholarship Donors

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends of Purdue Northwest. It is important to acknowledge those contributions which help ease the financial burden of attending college for so many of our students.

With this in mind, thanking the donor who generously donated your scholarship is a sincere and courteous gesture. The donor will also see how their gift to you and Purdue Northwest is being utilized and benefiting our many talented and deserving students scholars.

If you received more than one scholarship you are expected to write a thank you letter for each scholarship you received. Letters should be addressed to donors. The following tips and sample letter will guide you through writing a proper donor thank you letter.

Please send your thank you note electronically to Institutional Advancement at

Thank-You Letter Tips

  • No spelling errors
  • No grammar errors
  • Write an appropriate salutation
  • Identify the scholarship you received and the amount you were awarded
  • Include the following in your letter: classification, major/minor, hometown, Purdue activities, high school activities for incoming freshman, special interest, future plans, family history and most importantly, what the scholarship means to you personally
  • Sign the thank you letter

Following these tips will show the donor that you truly care about their generous donation, which will help make your college education a reality.

You may choose to write or type your thank you letter.

Sample Thank You Letter