Philosophy Magazine: Symphony of Reason

Produced each semester, the Symphony of Reason philosophy magazine includes essays, student papers, book review, translation and poetry. Its purpose is to encourage philosophical reflection and creativity in PNW students.

Excerpt from Raphael's painting, "School of Athens."

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Spring 2021: Volume II, Issue I

In this ​third issue, we have ​seven authentic student voices reflecting on a range of authors (Plato, Descartes, Epictetus, etc.) and topics (truth, historiography, etc.).

Download Volume II, Issue I

Student Contributors

  • Martina S. James
  • Shandon L. Johnson
  • Kevin A. Kliver
  • Kathleen M. Nielsen
  • Faith C. Taylor
  • Garrett A. Varner
  • Kayla M. Vasilko

Fall 2020: Volume I, Issue II

In this second issue, we have ​authentic student voices reflecting on the value of philosophy and the twin pandemics.

Download Volume I, Issue II

Student Contributors

  • Abbey Babe
  • Diana Bolanos
  • Corina I. Cabrales
  • Kevin M. Calderone
  • Morgan M. Cooper
  • Sarah Forsythe
  • Martina S. James
  • Corinne E. Lynema
  • Lajanice G. Montgomery
  • Hunter S. Saporiti
  • James Seward
  • Faith C. Taylor
  • Kayla M. Vasilko

Spring 2020: Volume I, Issue II

In the first issue, we have essay work, student papers, a book review, translation, poetry, and experiential papers where “students imagine themselves as the released prisoner” in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.


Student Contributors

  • Kacey C. Cummins
  • Kaylee F. Hemphill
  • Daizha M. Hunter
  • Martina S. James
  • Kevin A. Kliver
  • Nicole E. Miller


  • Lucas J. Mulloy
  • Joshua J. Niewiadomski
  • Christian A. Schubert
  • Garrett A. Varner
  • Kayla M. Vasilko

Creator and Editor

Deepa Majumdar

Deepa Majumdar, D.S.Sc.

Professor, Philosophy

(219) 785-5693


David Detmer

David Detmer, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy Coordinator

(219) 989-2941

Hammond, CLO 266