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Building and sharing your material are easily accomplished in Brightspace. Refer to these resources to get started, and connect with OIT if more assistance is needed.

There are many ways to build content within Brightspace. Consider how you want to organize your course material into modules by week, unit, chapter, or topic.

The following publisher content requires a specific role in Brightspace to function: Cengage, GoReact, Macmillan -Tools, Pearson / MyLabs, WebAssign, and Vista Higher Learning / VHL.

When preparing to link this content with your Brightspace course, we recommend reviewing the following resources first and then connecting with OIT for more assistance.

Refer to the following setting options for a smooth semester

The following resources highlight what areas of your content students are visiting and how long they are spending in a part of your course. Choose to explore overall view rates for specific content, like a video/presentation, or delve into an individual student’s data within your course.

Brightspace easily allows you to add other instructors, TAs, SI/Tutors, etc. to your course. Please note, you CANNOT add “Learners” to your academic courses.

Review the Understanding Roles and their Permissions to ensure you assign the correct role to the user. Refer to this Add/Remove other Users to My Course resource to add, remove, or modify the role for those in your course.

Brightspace allows you to “role swap” and view your course quickly as a “Learner”. However, we recommend you add a “Demo Student” to your course to permit you the full functionality of what a learner sees and can do in your course by following along with this guide: Add/Use a Demo Student.

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