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From small upper-level classes to independent projects and undergraduate research, our caring professors help you as an individual so you can go beyond what you thought was possible.

Why Mathematics?

Mathematics majors are successful in many careers relating directly or indirectly to mathematics. The ability to reason critically and communicate results which are characteristic of a rigorous mathematics program are valuable in many careers.

See the Benefits

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  • On average, mathematics majors consistently score higher on the LSAT exam (for entrance into law school) and the GMAT exam (for entrance into an MBA program) than almost any other undergraduate major.
  • Many investment firms hire mathematicians because of their ability to problem solve.
  • Statisticians are sought throughout the public and private sectors. The application of statistics to data mining and large data sets makes students with a background in statistics especially sought after.
  • Cryptography is the background of banking and internet commerce. The backbone of cryptography is number theory, a fundamental component of mathematics.
  • Mathematical modeling is required by many industries that try to describe the behavior of a particular phenomenon (for example, stock prices, how blood flows throughout the body, or how head is dissipated inside a reactor) in terms of equations.
  • Mathematics majors with a concentration in secondary teaching have had great success obtaining positions as high school or middle school teachers. Alumni of our program have gone on to become heads of departments and district superintendents.
  • Mathematics majors from PNW have gone on to pursue doctorates in mathematics or statistics at universities such as Dartmouth and Purdue West Lafayette.