New Adventures: Fall 2020 Grad Nelly Chango

December 9, 2020

Being immersed in the culture of Purdue University Northwest gave this 2020 graduate the support she needed to be successful. Nelly Mishell Chango, originally of Ecuador, is projected to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from PNW at the conclusion of the Fall 2020 semester. She will complete her degree with focuses in management information systems and business analytics.

“I chose to earn my MBA from Purdue Northwest for better career opportunities, enhanced knowledge and personal development,” she says. “PNW gives students the chances to explore and discover new opportunities to build their careers by joining groups, organizations, on-campus events, individual and group projects and different activities around the area.”

As an international student, Chango experienced homesickness and culture shock upon arriving in America. Staying in contact with loved ones back home, concentrating on her studies and making new friends at PNW all eased the transition.

During her first year at PNW, Chango lived in student housing on the Hammond campus. This experience allowed her access to additional areas where she could study and network, meeting both local and international students. She remarks, “I met South Korean girls who became my best friends and I am sure our friendship will last forever. I really enjoyed living there. That made me feel at home.”

Chango deepened her PNW ties by becoming a supplemental instructor, leading free study sessions organized by the university’s Student Academic Support department. She states, “One of my professors even offered me a graduate aide position with the Department of Quantitative Business Studies in the College of Business, where I would have the opportunity to share amazing work experience with business experts and faculty members.”

She also embraced the opportunity to become involved with the Information Systems Student Association, eventually becoming the president. “It provided an opportunity to network, meet professionals within your industry, make connections and build relationships,” she says.

Throughout her education, Chango was inspired by her academic advisors, Anna Kent and Kimberly Nikolovski, in addition to various faculty, such as Dr. Kuan-Chou Chen, Dr. Keh-wen Chuang, Dr. Lin Zhao, Dr. Michael Mick and Professor Elizabeth Igartua. Chango remarks, “When I had questions about my career, they always had time to listen to my concerns or doubts. They are the most influential people in my life both personally and professionally. I can’t choose one faculty member because most of them really have impacted my life to become the best version of myself.”

Her next step is to secure employment in her field, but her drive doesn’t end there. “My long-term career goals are starting my own business, becoming a mentor, completing a cybersecurity certification, gaining leadership experience, acquiring a different language and others,” she states. “Don’t be afraid of new adventures. Take advantage of what PNW has to offer.”

Image of student Nelly Chango.
Don’t be afraid of new adventures. Take advantage of what PNW has to offer.