David Feikes, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

David Feikes


David Feikes teaches mathematics courses for elementary teachers. He works with local schools and the country of Belize. He also developed the Conceptual Algebra Readiness for Everyone (CARE) project.

Research Overview

His current research interests are on algebra readiness and how to provide professional development to help teachers prepare students conceptually for algebra. In addition, he is researching how to improve mathematics education in developing countries, specifically Belize. He is also looking at what qualities and characteristics make for an outstanding teacher of mathematics.

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Select Publications

Connecting Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, (CMET). Feikes, D., Schwingendorf, K., & Gregg, J. (2009). Addison Wesley, Boston, MA.

Feikes, D., Pratt, D., & Griffiths, K. (2012). Conceptual algebra readiness: Measuring and developing transitions in thinking. In Van Zoest, L. R., Lo, J.-J., & Kratky, J. L. (Eds.). (2012). Proceedings of the 34th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University. 977-980.

Feikes, D. & Schwingendorf, K. (2008). The importance of compression in children’s learning of mathematics and teacher’s learning to teach mathematics. Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics featuring E. Gray and D. Tall, Issue 7, Vol.2,pp. 59-69.

Teaching Focus

Feikes is a passionate teacher who is focused on children’s learning of mathematics. His courses focus on mathematics and how children learn and think about mathematics. He has written a book about how children learn mathematics and has 61 videos about how children learn mathematics with over 20,000 views at cmlvideos.com.

Previous Roles

Feikes was a high school mathematics teacher for five years. He served as the interim chair of the department of education from 2013 to 2016.

David Feikes


(219) 785-5489


Office Location:

Westville Campus, SWRZ 307


  • Ph.D. – Mathematics Education, Purdue University
  • M.S. – Education, Purdue University North Central
  • B.S. – Mathematics Education, Ball State University

Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematics Education
  • Algebra Readiness
  • How Students Learn Mathematics
  • Math Education in Belize

Credentials, Accreditations & Awards