RAD Systems of Self Defense Programs

Purdue University Northwest Police offer self defense training, via the R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense for both women and men.

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You are Your Best Defense!

These programs R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense programs for women and for men provide a holistic approach to learning about how to defend yourself. Each program includes lecture, discussion and strategies for resisting physical assault.

The courses are taught by PNW Police personnel who are certified R.A.D. instructors. The programs are free of charge. You must be 13 years old or older to participate.

Upcoming Classes:

Hammond Campus:

Tuesdays, April 14 (Cancelled), 21 (Cancelled) and 28 (Cancelled) from 6 – 9 PM in Peregrine Hall 300

Westville Campus:

Tuesdays, February 25 (Cancelled), March 3 and 10 from 6 – 9 PM in the Library Student Faculty Building (LSF) 144

Hammond Campus:

Program Dates TBD. If interested, contact Officer Nicolas Smith at smit2660@temp.pnw.edu. Thank you.

Westville Campus:

Program Dates TBD. If interested, contact Officer Nicolas Smith at smit2660@temp.pnw.edu. Thank you.

Three Sessions over Three Days

Each R.A.D. program consists of three sessions offered over three days, and you must attend all three to complete the training.

Class enrollment priority is given to PNW students, faculty and staff, and seats are filled on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Minimum class size is 10 and maximum class size is 16.

R.A.D. is not a martial arts program. The system is designed for the average person with no previous experience or background in physical skills training. It is currently taught at colleges throughout the United States and Canada and it’s the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of its tactics as well as solid research and unique teaching methodology that make it so popular.

For more information contact Lt. Charles Guiliani in Hammond and Sue Marz in Westville.

The course begins with awareness, and emphasizes prevention, reducing risks and avoidance. It is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques, consisting of three sessions.

Session 1:

Utilizing the R.A.D. student manual, students will be involved in a discussion of risk reduction strategies, date rape, continuum of survival, defensive strategies and the basic principals of defense.

We also discuss the pros and cons of defensive weaponry, how to develop a defensive mindset, understanding offensive and defensive postures, recognizing vulnerable locations and utilizing personal weapons.

Participating students will begin the process of hands-on training. The techniques utilized by R.A.D. Systems are based on simple gross motor skills and are developed to the point that they become instinctual through repetition.

Session 2:

Students will have the opportunity to use these techniques in dynamic impact training by striking padded equipment held by the instructors. All techniques target a single attacker.

Participating students will continue to refine the skills previously learned with “practice, practice and practice”.

Session 3:

Students will be introduced to ground defense techniques and will continue to refine the skills previously learned with more “practice, practice and practice”.

This program is designed to empower participants to make safer choices when facing aggressive behavior. The sessions focus on:

  • raising awareness of aggressive behavior,
  • recognizing how aggressive behavior impacts your life,
  • learning steps to avoid aggressive behavior,
  • understanding how you can be part of reducing aggression and violence,
  • practicing hands-on self-defense skills to resist and escape aggressive behavior directed toward you