Water Institute Projects

Our innovations help make a difference to resolve water-related issues.

Our Projects

Opto-Chemical Sensor for the Detection of Ammonia in Water (Patent Pending)

This will allow for water treatment plant operators to be instantly alerted at any remote location of ammonia detected in fresh water supplies, rather than having to gather and test samples in the lab.

Membrane Technology for Water Treatment Plants

“Fouling” decreases the efficiency of water filtration. By reducing fouling, we reduce energy consumption and the cost of treating our water.

Pharmaceutical Contaminants and Volatile Organic Compounds in our Drinking Water

It is vitally important to public health to monitor the presence of unused pharmaceuticals in our water resources. Advanced sensory technologies are being investigated to potentially provide cheaper and more convenient detection methods.

Online Optical Sensors for Contaminant Detection

PWI is developing a sophisticated online monitoring system to protect human and natural eco-system heath, that would characterize and detect low level water contaminants and alert utility operators in the event of a terrorist threat to contaminate our drinking water with chemicals, microbes, or radioactive compounds.