Black History Month Student Spotlight: David Bolton

February 3, 2023
PNW student David Bolton stands on campus wearing a Black Student Union t-shirt. A white PNW logo on a black background. There is a red, yellow, and green traditional African-style border around the image.

As Purdue University Northwest celebrates Black History Month, we’re sharing conversations with Black students about campus life, the PNW experience and advice for incoming students.

Our first conversation is with David Bolton, a junior communication major and Student Government Association President!

Do you feel PNW offers a diverse and welcoming campus community? If so, can you share any examples of those experiences?

I would say that PNW does offer a wonderfully diverse and welcoming community for different races, ethnicities and even religions.

What have you enjoyed most about campus life at Purdue Northwest?

I’ve enjoyed so many things about campus life.

I would say the most impactful part of campus life is actually talking with students. Having authentic connections with students really makes things so much better. And it makes it excites me to come to campus because sometimes you can go to campus to go to class, you go home and then that’s the end of your day but I want to stay on campus. I want to interact with students. I want to see what’s going on and what events are going on campus.

Are you involved in any of the student groups on campus?

The goal of student government is to as it says on our emblem, promote, advocate, and defend students, we make sure that the student’s needs are met. That’s our primary goal. That could range from if they want to see a fun event to if they’re having problems with a professor. It’s our job to make sure that they’re advocated for and that they’re heard.

The primary goal of the Black Student Union is to build a community for black students. So, our goal is to create a community where we’re pushing each other for excellence.

What would you tell a prospective student considering PNW?

I would tell a prospective student considering PNW that if you choose PNW you made a good decision. And that’s not just for campus life, not just for professors and not just for the education that you will receive here. It’s all of those things combined. And if I am being 100% honest, and I’m not knocking any other schools, but it’s very rare to find that.

I feel very lucky to be at such a good school, where everybody knows everybody and it really does feel like a little city where everybody knows everyone and you feel welcome.

What words of advice would you wish someone shared with you before attending PNW?

Take advantage of these new opportunities and be a little daring.

This month is Black History Month. What are you looking forward to most about this celebration at PNW?

The theme this year is “Black Joy,” being happy in our blackness. And we wanted to discuss, what does that mean? Well, it’s actually different for everybody. It could be being joyful that our people and race persevered, being joyful in our successes, being joyful in the lessons that you learn from your failures or your missteps.

A white PNW logo on a black background. In large font underneath the words "BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023" each take up one line. Each word is a different color, order: green, yellow, red, white. There is a red, yellow, and green traditional African-style border on the left and right of the graphic.

Black History Month

February 2023

Join us for PNW’s celebrations of Black History Month! From paint and sip parties and meditations to mental health discussions, we hope you’ll join us in recognizing the essential impact of Black history, accomplishments and culture.

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