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Bachelor of Arts - Communication

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Program Intro

Every human endeavor is enriched by our communication skills and knowledge. This program develops your leadership, critical thinking, writing, public speaking and presentation skills, using both traditional and digital media. You’ll hone your use of these methods and use them to solve real-world problems.

Department of Communication and Creative Arts

In this program, you’ll engage in individual and group projects, opinion research and message development. Small classes are led by faculty with strong academic and professional experience.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with business clients in the community, as well as an active and involved alumni base throughout the Chicagoland area.

Curriculum Overview

Discover the complex, varied ways we engage with each other and express ourselves to the world. Our curriculum includes training in writing, speech and debate as well as theory, research methods, digital media, persuasive techniques and media criticism.

Kick off your journey with foundational classes in speech, debate and digital media.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 11400 – Fundamentals of Speech
  • COM 20200 – Electronic Media
  • COM 21000 – Debating Public Issues


Explore topics fundamental to professional communications, like PR, advertising and journalism.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 25300 – Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM 25500 – Introduction to News Reporting & Writing
  • COM 25600 – Introduction to Advertising

Gain a competitive edge with courses that distinguish you as a global, tech-savvy communicator.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 30200 – Publication Design
  • COM 32700 – International Communication
  • COM 33400 – Journalism for Electronic Mass Media

Enhance your skills with advanced communications courses that delve into psychology and aesthetics while you prepare for a dynamic career.

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Sample Courses

  • COM 40200 – Dark Side of Interpersonal Communications
  • COM 46500 – (Dinner & a Movie) Visual Aesthetics in Television & Film


Graduates with a communication degree are prepared for rewarding careers ranging from broadcasting and advertising to public relations and marketing. The communication and leadership skills our students develop are also relevant to every other field, including medicine, engineering and business.

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This program builds essential leadership and interviewing skills, as well as the confidence to communicate in a number of media.


Communication students can apply for:

For more information, contact department head Tom Roach.

Career Paths

Communication grads go on to careers in fields like:

  • Corporate communication
  • Social media production
  • Public relations



Our program’s value is best demonstrated through the employers our graduates have worked for:

  • ESPN.com
  • Weather Channel
  • Windy City Live
Adam Davis, PR, Spring 2018 alumnus

The communication department at PNW is a place with a lot of opportunities, whether it’s experiential learning courses, clubs to be involved in or friends to meet around the department.

Adam Davis – Communication: Public Relations, 2018

“The amazing connections and experiences that I’ve had at PNW have definitely made me more of a diligent student.”

Justin Hayden

Meet the Faculty

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V. Scott Smithson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

V. Scott Smithson teaches four classes per semester, while engaging in committee work.

Rhon Teruelle

Rhon Teruelle, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication and Social Media

Rhon Teruelle’s research and teaching focus on critical communication studies.

Erin Okamoto Protsman

Erin Okamoto Protsman, M.A.

Continuing Lecturer, Communication and Creative Arts

Erin Okamoto Protsman teaches a variety of classes in the communication field.

A PNW Student in the Classroom

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