Sea Grant

The College of Engineering and Sciences is the organizational location of the PNW component of the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College, whose mission is to foster stewardship, conservation and appropriate use of resources of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes Region through research, education and advisory services.

The extension component of the Sea Grant Program aims to disseminate knowledge to communities and businesses on coastal zone and water resource management, water quality, fisheries, aquaculture, recreation and tourism.

Here at Purdue Northwest, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is involved in a number of local projects spanning a variety of topics related to its core mission. These efforts address regionally important issues in the Lake Michigan coastal region and its associated waterways.

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s efforts at Purdue Northwest address the following topics:

  • Climate change
  • Stormwater
  • Coastal Tourism
  • Weather Ready Nation

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  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Climate Change and the Environment
  • Invasive Species Ecology

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, one of more than 30 Sea Grant Programs in the U.S., is specifically focused on the southern Lake Michigan region — 104 miles of heavily urbanized and industrialized shoreline in Illinois and Indiana. The program combines research, education and outreach to empower southern Lake Michigan communities to secure a healthy environment and economy.

Sea Grant’s efforts address four main focus areas:

  • Sustainable coastal development
  • Healthy coastal ecosystems
  • Hazard resilience in coastal communities
  • Safe and sustainable seafood supply

The program works in partnership with key organizations, institutions, and agencies in the region to reach more audiences and thereby multiply opportunities for success. Sea Grant brings together scientists, educators, policy makers, community decision makers, outreach specialists, business leaders and the general public to work towards a healthy environment and economy.

Some of our partners include:

We collaborate with these partners on a number of grants and projects including:

  • River Restoration Workshop
  • Septic System Coordination Work Group