Faculty within PNW’s College of Engineering and Sciences conduct world-class research across a broad range of interests.


Integrative Physiology and Health Sciences (IPHS) Center

The IPHS Center will lead research, teaching, and outreach with a proactive and holistic approach to human health.

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Neeti Parashar, Ph.D. Professor of Physics

The Stars Teach Here

Our projects involve graduate and undergraduate students, with impacts ranging from local to international and even out of this world.

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Research Highlights Include

  • Understanding the Higgs boson and the fundamental physics of the universe (Neeti Parashar and James Dolen – Physics)
  • Using light as a catalyst for removing environmental toxins from water (Reynaldo Baretto – Chemistry)
  • Determining the minimum number of details required to uniquely identify a boot print (Charles Steele – Forensics)
  • Studies of the role of transcription factors in neural tube development (Barbara Mania-Farnell – Biology)
  • Studies of the transmuted exponentiated probability distribution (Gokarna Aryal – Statistics)