Working with CMEC

Innovators & Entrepreneurs

The Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center (CMEC) helps prospective innovators and entrepreneurs in two areas…

One-on-one consulting with CMEC entrepreneur in residence to facilitate Purdue Northwest resources in the following areas (to be funded by the client, as needed):

  • Market/product research
  • Business plan/executive summary development/referral to the Indiana Small Business Development Center
  • Business pitch/presentation development
  • Prototype (conceptual) development
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Familiarity with the Small Business Innovation Research Program.

To facilitate above items, CMEC regularly offers the following events:

  • Intellectual Property Legal Aid
  • 1 Million Cups
  • Founders Hours
  • Workshops on small business development
  • Workshops on Small Business Innovation Research funding

Product Commercialization, with CMEC sponsorship requires the followings:

  • Market survey report of 100 potential customers
  • Evidence of uniqueness, or a competitive advantage over competing products
  • A functional prototype design or plan
  • A viable business plan or an executive summary
  • Evidence of patentability/copyright etc. (if available)
  • Evidence of initial marketing/selling of the product (if available)

Once approved as a sponsored project, the following activities will be pursued;

  • Sign SAFE agreement between CMEC and client
  • Develop/improve functional prototype (if needed)
  • Prior art search, provisional or utility patent application (if needed)
  • Development of Small Business Innovation Research grant application
  • Pilot manufacturing to validate commercial production viability and scalability
  • Present the product to prospective investors/customers