Consortium Agreement FAQs

It is a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes. It also certifies only one of the two institutions can administer your Title IV and State financial aid.

The HOME institution (Purdue University Northwest) grants your degree and administers aid. The HOST institution does not award you any aid. Courses taken at the HOST institution will count toward your degree at the HOME institution.

Purdue Northwest Degree seeking students who have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and completed all requirements. You must also be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and not have any holds on your account. Your Academic Advisor must certify the courses at the HOST institution will count toward your degree.

You need to complete a consortium agreement to confirm you have met the requirements to receive Title IV and State financial aid to help pay for your courses.

Yes. You must turn in the Consortium Agreement with steps 1 – 3 completed prior to the last day to drop classes for the full term. See the Refund and Withdrawal Schedule for the applicable term date.

Students who add classes after the Financial Aid Census Date will not be eligible for additional Federal Pell grant. See Important Dates and Deadlines for applicable term dates.

No. You are only allowed to take courses that will apply to your degree, as determined by Purdue Northwest.

Yes. You are responsible for payment of your bill at the HOST institution.

You may lose eligibility for some or possibly all of your financial aid. You should consult the financial aid office if you are planning to drop or withdraw from classes.

The Financial Aid Office will not be able to confirm that you have completed the course(s) and as a result a hold will be put on your account. This will prevent all future financial aid from being disbursed onto your account.

No. Federal regulations states a student must be degree seeking to obtain financial aid.

Students must be degree seeking and enrolled in at least 3 credit hours at Purdue Northwest to be eligible for a Consortium Agreement.

  • Complete Step 1 (completed by you) and Step 2 (completed by your Academic Advisor) of the Consortium Agreement
  • Then take the Consortium Agreement to the Host school for the Office of Financial Aid to complete Step 3
  • Once the Host school Office of Financial Aid has completed Step 3, they will fax the Consortium Agreement to Purdue Northwest
  • The Office of Financial Aid will then complete Step 4 and process your Consortium Agreement
  • Make sure to request an official transcript from the Host school once the semester is completed.

No, you must be meeting all Satisfactory Academic Progress standards in order to complete a Consortium Agreement.