Tutorial: Accepting Your Loans

Use the tutorial below to assist you with checking your Federal Direct Student Loans in Student Self-Service.

Helpful Information:

  • You may accept or decline loans offered to you
  • If you choose to accept your loan(s), you can accept a partial amount or the full loan
  • Accept the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan first if offered to you, it has more favorable terms
  • The loan amount you accept, will be split into two payments; a fall payment and spring payment for a fall and spring loan (i.e. if you accept $3,000, you will receive $1,500 for fall and $1,500 for spring minus the loan origination fees)
  • If you have not borrowed at Purdue Northwest before, complete loan entrance counseling and a master promissory note
  • Review Federal Direct Loans for additional information


  • Login to Student Self-Service through the myPNW portal
  • Select the Students Page (on left side under Pages)
  • This will open a menu, then select Paying for College)
  • Under the Financial Aid Resources heading select Banner SSB (Student Self-Service)
    • This will take you to the Home tab of Financial Aid SSB
  • Make sure you are in the correct aid year (see Aid Year on the upper right). If necessary, select the applicable aid year.
  • You will see Student Requirements, if Award Decision shows Requirement Satisfied, it is completed. If not, select Award Decision
  • Choose to accept or decline your Federal Student loans (note you are not able to select a PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students).
  • Click on the Award Offer tab and scroll down to the loans
  • Select the loan and Accept or Decline, then click on Submit
  • Click on Accept Terms & Conditions
  • Click on Submit Decision

This screen shows the expected amounts to be paid and the amounts that have been paid.

If you would like to revise an accepted or declined Federal Direct Stafford loan, request a Revised Award Decision form.