Fitness & Recreational Sports provides a wide range of opportunities to improve and maintain your health. We offer many different opportunities to be fit from intramurals to the fitness center, there is always a way to have fun and make progress. We offer a wide range of membership options that ranges from students to alumni and to the public.

Fitness Center Policies


  • To use the facility, individuals must check in at the Check-In Desk and have an active membership
    • All students and employees of PNW must show their PNW ID or a photo ID.
    • All public members must show their membership ID card or a photo ID.
  • Everyone must have their picture taken at the Check-In Desk.  The picture will be used as a way of identifying members.
  • Everyone must have proper ID to use the facility.
    • Students can get their PNW ID through Student Activities.
    • Employees can get their PNW ID through the Police Station.
    • Public members can get their membership ID at the Fitness Center desk.
  • People caught “sneaking in” will be issued a NO TRESPASS from Purdue Northwest Campus Police.
  • “Sneaking in” is defined as…
    • Using the facility without checking-in.
    • Checking-in with someone else’s ID.
    • Not using the correct form of identification to use the facility.

Locker Rooms & Locks

  • All members are encouraged to use the locker rooms; there are locker room facilities for men and women.
  • Please do not leave valuable items unattended – members are encouraged to bring their own lock and lock up their personal belongings or use the mini check lockers.  The Fitness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  If lost or stolen, Purdue Northwest Police may be called upon request.
  • Members cannot keep their belongings overnight in a locker.  They must take everything with them upon leaving the Fitness Center.  Lockers can be purchased at the Check-In Desk to store belongings overnight.  All locks left overnight on unrented lockers will be cut off and removed.


  • Racquetball court reservations are recommended; to reserve a court make reservations with the Check-In Desk or call (219) 989-2550. Westville Campus does not have racquetball courts.
  • Basketball courts are open to all members during open gym times; please check calendars located throughout the facility.
  • The multi-purpose rooms are used for several activities. Members may use the rooms when it is not occupied by others. Room schedules are available at the fitness center desk. The fitness center staff reserves the right to control access to and use of the multi-purpose rooms.


  • Guests 18 year of age or older may purchase daily or weekly passes at the check-in desk. Guests must conform to all rules and policies.

Closing Procedures

  • Everyone must be out of the building at closing. Please allow yourself adequate time to shower before closing time. No one is allowed to stay after closing.


  • Members’ belongings are not allowed in the Fitness Center; this includes coats, jackets, backpacks, bags and purses.  Members are encouraged to use the lockers available in the locker room.

Working Out

  • No food is allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • No chalk is allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Offensive or profane language is prohibited.
  • No one is allowed to video tape in the Fitness Center without the Fitness Center staff and the person(s) being taped granting permission.
  • Re-rack your weights and return all accessories to their proper locations.
  • Please wipe down equipment after every use; cleaning stations are located throughout the Fitness Center area.
  • All drinks must be kept in a sealed bottle. Please inform staff of any spills.
  • Be patient while waiting for a machine and ask to “work-in.”
  • Allow others to “work-in.” Do not sit on the machines aimlessly.
  • Please do not use cell phones while resting on machines.
  • Members are not allowed to move machines; only Fitness Center staff is allowed to do so.
  • Abuse or misuse of the equipment will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid banging weights and dropping dumbbells. Equipment that is repeatedly broken will not be fixed or replaced. Please inform staff of any broken or damaged equipment.
  • The minimum age requirement for a guest or membership is 16 years old.
  • Ask Fitness Center staff if you do not know how to use the equipment.
  • Be respectful to the Fitness Center staff as well as other members working out.  Verbal or physical attacks will be addressed by both management and Purdue Northwest Police.
  • Please use headphones while listening to personal music.
  • The use of the Fitness Center may be restricted at certain times.  A notice will be posted when closed.
  • All members are expected to abide by the decisions of the Fitness Center staff.

The Fitness Center staff reserves the right to revoke/terminate Fitness Center privileges from individuals who exhibit inappropriate behaviors.  Staff will determine what is inappropriate behavior.

First Aid

  • All professional Fitness Center staff are CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillators) certified.  AED’s are located in the Fitness Center.  In case of a non-emergency or emergency situation, please notify a staff member as soon as possible.  **Emergency Information**

Track and Locker Room Closings

  • Portions of the facility may be closed for events or practices. Please check calendars located throughout the facility.

Lost and Found

  • Lost and found items may be found at the check-in desk.  Valuable items may be found at the campus police station.

Group Exercise Classes