IT Status

Current status of PNW Information Services systems and services.

Current IT Alerts

We have received notice from ITaP that the Webclock site is down.  Hourly staff who use Webclock will have to clock their hours manually and notify their supervisors of worked time until the site is back up.

Start: 4:00pm, Tuesday, 06/21/22
End: No ETA at this time

Due to an issue in the Computing Center at West Lafayette, the Video Express services in Hammond and Westville will be unavailable until further notice.

Users who need to use the Video Express service should contact the CSC for other options.

Technicians are working  to find a solution.


Start: 11:00 am, Friday, 07/01/22
End: TBD

PNW Jabber users are unable to connect to voicemail.

Users can still connect to voicemail  via hardware phones, voicemail  to email, or dial in access.

Technicians are working with the vendor to find a solution.


Start: 10:30 am, Wednesday, 06/29/22
End: TBD

Technicians will be restarting the voicemail servers to restore access to voicemail  for Cisco Jabber users.

During the restart, users will not be able to check their voicemail, and callers will hear a busy signal when directed to voicemail.

Start: 9:00 PM, Wednesday, 06/29/22
End: 9:10 PM, Wednesday, 06/29/22

Scheduled Maintenance

(see: “When are the PNW Information Services Maintenance Windows?“)

The Turnitin Tool within Brightspace will be doing regularly scheduled maintenance.

During this time frame, uploading files to Turnitin and Similarity Report processing will be unavailable.


Start: 06:00 PM, Saturday, 7/8/22

End: 02:00 AM, Sunday, 7/9/22

Our networking staff will be advertising local IP addresses between PNW  and Purdue West Lafayette.

There will be an outage of up to 30 minutes during this time which will temporarily affect Internet and network access for the Hammond campus.

Start: 5:00PM, Saturday, 07/09/2022

End:  8:00PM, Saturday, 07/09/2022

Our networking staff will be upgrading multiple network building uplinks on the Hammond campus. Listed below are the buildings that will be affected during this downtime.


Both Dorm Buildings (Peregrine/Griffin), Central Heating & Cooling (CHC), Counseling Center (IBCC), and Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center(CMEC).

No outages are expected during this maintenance window.

Start: 5:00PM, Saturday, 07/09/2022

End:   7:00PM, Saturday, 07/09/2022

Recent Resolved Issues (30 Days)

Networking detected that one of the redundant network cables between PNW and Purdue main campus was downed by weather. Because this is a redundant line, no outage was expected while it was repaired, but if an additional line were lost during this time users may have lost some network connectivity.

Start: 10:20pm, Monday, 06/13/22
End: 4:21am, Wednesday, 06/15/2022

Networking found an issue with some equipment in the Schwarz building which affected VOIP phone calls throughout the Westville campus. Users in Westville were unable to make or receive external calls on their campus phone lines. A technician has routed traffic around the failed switch to restore VOIP connections.

Start: 1:20pm, Tuesday, 06/14/22
End: 2:40pm, Tuesday, 06/14/22

Our networking staff were advertising local IP addresses between PNW (both Hammond and Westville) and PWL/PFW.

No outages were expected.

Start: 9:00pm, Saturday, 06/11/2022
End: 11:00pm, Saturday, 06/11/2022

Enterprise Applications team applied Oracle quarterly patches to the production databases.

The following applications were unavailable during this maintenance:

  • Banner
  • Cognos,
  • MyPNW Portal
  • Degree Works
  • Unitime

Start: 05:00 PM, Saturday, 6/11/22
End: 10:00 PM, Saturday, 6/11/22

Our networking staff were updating certificates on the servers that handle network control services and device registration portals.

There may have been an interruption of a few seconds on the registration portals while certificates were being applied.


Start: 4:00am, Thursday, 06/09/2022
End: 6:00am, Thursday, 06/09/2022

Our networking staff were advertising local IP addresses between PNW (both Hammond and Westville) and PWL.  There was a 20-minute period during this time that the network was unavailable.  This affected:

  • Eduroam & AT&T WiFi networks in the Hammond Campus
  • Banner
  • Virtual Desktops (VDI)
  • VOIP Phone service

Start: 9:00pm, Saturday, 06/04/2022
End: 11:00pm, Saturday, 06/04/2022

AT&T upgraded the license on the attwifi server on the Hammond campus.

No impact to users was expected.

Start: 11:00pm, Monday, 05/23/22
End: 11:59pm, Monday, 05/23/22

Our networking staff will be updating networking addresses which will briefly affect all connected devices in the Hammond campus. The network will be down for 5-10 minutes while the access control refreshes.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 05/21/2022
End: 12:00am, Sunday, 05/22/2022

Our networking staff upgraded the Lawshe building network fiber optics.

During the maintenance window there could have been network outages in the Lawshe building affecting computers, VoIP phones, and wireless connections.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 05/21/2022
End: 7:00pm, Saturday, 05/21/2022

Our EA Team performed Banner upgrades during the below maintenance period.
There was a brief outage of MyPNW, Banner Communication Management, and General Event.

Start: 10:00pm, Saturday, 05/14/22
End: 10:30pm, Saturday, 05/14/22

Our Central Desktop Team upgraded the Papercut application servers to the latest version and renewed the SSL certificate.

During this time, printing was unavailable on both campuses.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 05/14/22
End: 9:00pm, Saturday, 05/14/22

Our EA Team performed Banner upgrades during the below maintenance period.
There was a brief outage of MyPNW, Banner Communication Management, and General Event.

Start: 05:30am, Thursday, 05/12/22
End: 06:00am, Thursday, 05/12/22

We have been notified that Brightspace was intermittently unavailable during the below time. Our technicians worked with the vendor to find a solution to the issue.

Start: 11:30 am, Thursday, 05/05/2022
End: 12:24 pm, Thursday, 05/05/2022

Our Network team performed network maintenance at the following location:

Schneider Avenue Building

They replaced network cabling.

This caused a short outage to wired and wireless devices including computers, access points, phones, printers and other devices throughout the building.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 04/30/22
End: 7:00am, Saturday, 04/30/22

Our Network team performed network maintenance at the following location:


They upgraded network equipment.

This caused a short network outage for wired and wireless devices for half of the third floor. This includes computers, phones, printers, access points, and other devices.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 04/30/22
End: 5:30am, Saturday, 04/30/22

Some shared services housed at Purdue West Lafayette may also be affected by issues. Please visit the ITaP Status Page for more information.

ITaP Status Page

How can I get IT Notice updates?

Emergency IT Notices are sent to e-mail distribution lists containing users that are affected:

  • #PNW_All_Faculty_and_Staff
  • #PNW_All_Students

Non-Emergency IT Notices, and Scheduled Maintenance notifications are sent to the e-mail distribution list:

  • #PNW_ITNotice

Users will need to opt-in to this distribution list if they would like to receive these updates.  How to join/leave e-mail distribution lists.

All IT Notices and Scheduled Maintenance notifications will be posted to this site.