IT Status

Current status of PNW Information Services systems and services.

Current IT Alerts

Some users throughout the campus are missing the Department field in their directory entries. This should have little impact unless users are trying to look up contact information by department in the campus directory or Outlook’s Address Book. Our technicians are aware of the issue and currently investigating the cause.

Start: 12:30pm, Tuesday, 11/23/21
End: No ETA at this time

Scheduled Maintenance

(see: “When are the PNW Information Services Maintenance Windows?“)

Our Networking technicians will be replacing network equipment in the 3rd floor of the Technology building in Westville.  All wired and wireless networking services on that floor will be down during the maintenance.

Start: 5:00pm, Thursday, 12/04/21
End: 6:00pm, Thursday, 12/04/21

Our technicians will be upgrading network switches throughout both campuses to correct an error in VOIP phones’ registration. These switches are spread throughout most buildings on both campuses.  The maintenance will cause intermittent network services for 5-10 minutes in the following locations: Gabis, FNRC, Gyte, HTM, Anderson, CIDET, CLC, IBCC, Lawshe, NILS, Parking Garage, Porter Hall, Potter, Powers, Riley, SAB, Peregrine, Griffin, SULB, UNSV, Schwarz, and Tech.

Start: 10:00pm, Saturday, 11/27/21
End: 11:00pm, Saturday, 11/27/21

Recent Resolved Issues (30 Days)

Users were unable to sign into the Touchnet Payment Portal to make tuition payments. When attempting to do so, they encountered a login screen which did not accept their PNW credentials. Our technicians have contacted the vendor and worked with them to resolve the issue.

Start: 11:00am, Monday, 11/22/21
End: 7:00pm, Monday, 11/22/21

Multiple users reported issues printing documents to networked printers on both campuses. The printers appeared to be Offline or Unavailable, and documents were not sent to print to them properly, sometimes printing nothing or only the first page. Our technicians found a patch which was applied over the weekend which appeared to be causing the issue, and successfully repaired it.

Start: 4:00pm, Saturday, 11/20/21
End: 4:00pm, Monday, 11/22/21

Our Server admins performed quarterly Windows server patching . During the maintenance window, the following Network drives and Services were unavailable.

H (Faculty and Staff), J, M, O, P, R, T, X


  • Alertus
  • Banner Job Submission
  • BDMS
  • CIVS Web Files & File Server
  • Facility Ticketing
  • Faculty/Staff/Student Printing
  • Fuelmaster
  • Pathlore
  • Integra
  • Student Housing Application/Portal
  • AV Scheduling
  • Application Licensing

Start: 5:00pm Saturday, 11/20/21
End: 12:00am Saturday, 11/20/21

Our EAS team received notification that an issue found in UniTime that required some configuration updates and a system restart. During this time, UniTime was unavailable for use.

Start: 5:00 PM, Monday, 11/15/21
End: 5:30 PM, Monday, 11/15/21

Networking performed maintenance on one of the network access controllers in the Hammond campus. Wired devices may have briefly lost connection while they switched to a backup system during the maintenance window.

Start: 10:00 PM Saturday, 11/13/21
End: 10:05 PM Saturday, 11/13/21

Our technicians moved some Banner applications to a different server. During the maintenance window below, Banner was inaccessible.

Start: 5:00pm Saturday, 11/13/21
End: 8:00pm Saturday, 11/13/21

Our networking staff replaced equipment in the HTM building during the below maintenance period. This caused an outage of network service in the HTM building including wired, WiFi, VoIP, and other networking services.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 11/13/21
End:7:00pm, Saturday, 11/13/21

Our technicians upgraded the database for MyPNW. MyPNW was unavailable during this maintenance window. Other services should be unaffected, so users could still use direct links or bookmarks to get to pages usually reached through MyPNW. Such links can be found here for students: or here for staff/faculty:

Start: 10:00am Saturday, 11/13/21
End: 8:00pm Saturday, 11/13/21

Our Networking technicians will be upgrading network infrastructure for the PFCP building in Westville during the below maintenance window, as well as the switch which controls analog lines (i.e. conference & elevator phones) throughout the campus. 5-10 minutes of downtime is expected for each.

Start: 8:00 PM Saturday, 11/06/21
End: 9:00 PM Saturday, 11/06/21

EAS will be upgrading the Degree Works application to latest version 5.0.6. During the maintenance, the application will be unavailable.

Start: 5:00 PM, Saturday, 11/06/21

End: 10:00 PM, Saturday, 11/06/21

Turnitin is currently experiencing an unexpected service degradation. During this time, some faculty and students may experience issues viewing Similarity reports via Brightspace.

Start: 5:17 PM, Wednesday, 11/3/21
End: 6:51 PM, Wednesday, 11/3/21

Networking technicians were running a firmware update on some equipment in the SULB building. Devices in the building may have experienced a network interruption during the maintenance window.

Start: 4:00 AM, Thursday, 10/28/21
End: 5:00 AM, Thursday, 10/28/21

Some shared services housed at Purdue West Lafayette may also be affected by issues. Please visit the ITaP Status Page for more information.

ITaP Status Page

How can I get IT Notice updates?

Emergency IT Notices are sent to e-mail distribution lists containing users that are affected:

  • #PNW_All_Faculty_and_Staff
  • #PNW_All_Students

Non-Emergency IT Notices, and Scheduled Maintenance notifications are sent to the e-mail distribution list:

  • #PNW_ITNotice

Users will need to opt-in to this distribution list if they would like to receive these updates.  How to join/leave e-mail distribution lists.

All IT Notices and Scheduled Maintenance notifications will be posted to this site.