IT Status

Current status of PNW Information Services systems and services.

Current IT Alerts

Our technicians are currently unable to provide BoilerKey Bypass codes to some users calling in for assistance. The issue is also affecting the BoilerBot system ( which can be used to get one automatically. IAMO technicians are aware of the issue and investigating.

Start: 9:35am, Tuesday, 11/22/2022
End: No ETA at this time

Due to an issue in the Computing Center at West Lafayette, the Video Express services in Hammond and Westville will be unavailable until further notice.

Users who need to use the Video Express service should contact the CSC for other options.

Technicians are working  to find a solution.


Start: 11:00 am, Friday, 07/01/22
End: TBD

Scheduled Maintenance

(see: “When are the PNW Information Services Maintenance Windows?“)

Enterprise Applications team will apply Banner upgrades to the production database.
The following applications will be unavailable during this maintenance:
• Banner
• Cognos
• MyPNW Portal
• Degree Works
• Unitime

Start: 12:00pm, 12/03/2022

End: 9:00pm, 12/03/2022

Recent Resolved Issues (30 Days)

Networking will be replacing equipment throughout the CLO building during the below maintenance period. Wired and Wireless network connections in CLO will be unavailable for the duration.

Start: 5:00pm, 11/05/2022
End: 8:00pm, 11/05/2022

The Enterprise Applications team will apply Oracle quarterly patches to the production databases.
The following applications will be unavailable during this maintenance:
• Banner
• Cognos
• MyPNW Portal
• Degree Works
• Unitime

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 11/12/2022

End: 9:00pm, Saturday, 11/12/2022

A VMWare host on the Westville campus was unresponsive during the below period. VMWare connections were rerouted through a different host until the issue was resolved.

Start: 12:25am, Monday, 10/31/2022
End: 9:40am, Monday, 10/31/2022

Enterprise Applications will be restarting several Banner-related servers for scheduled maintenance during the below maintenance period.  The following applications will be unavailable for the duration:

  • MyPNW
  • Banner
  • Workflow

Other applications will still be available, although the links to them through MyPNW will be unavailable.  Additional links can be found on the Current Students and Faculty/Staff pages on the PNW website ( and, respectively).

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 10/29/2022
End: 10:00pm, Saturday, 10/29/2022

The Enterprise Applications team will be upgrading IBM Cognos Applications during the below maintenance period.  Cognos will be unavailable during the upgrade.

Start: 12:00pm, Friday, 10/28/2022
End: 5:00pm, Saturday, 10/29/2022

New PNW users were unable to use the Activate Account page (, receiving an error that the page could not be reached. The only workaround for this page being down was to contact the CSC to manually reset the password for the new students’ accounts.

Technicians have been notified and found that the process was not restarted after a power outage, and have manually restarted the process.

Start: 5:00am, Sunday, 10/16/2022
End: 11:00am, Weddnesday, 10/19/2022

Enterprise Applications technicians upgraded the Banner database. During the below maintenance period, all applications using Banner were unavailable. This includes:

  • MyPNW
  • Degree Works
  • Banner
  • Cognos
  • Unitime

Other applications were still available, but as MyPNW was offline, users needed to use alternative links or bookmarks to access them. Alternate links for most-used applications can be found on the Current Students page ( and Faculty/Staff page ( of the PNW website.

Start: 5:00pm, Saturday, 10/15/2022
End: 9:00pm, Saturday, 10/15/2022

Network issues were reported across multiple locations. Many attempting to connect to VPN were unable due to the connection timing out. On-campus users were unable to access external websites, while off-campus users were unable to access PNW or Purdue sites, including VPN connection.

Network technicians report that connection in all locations should be restored. It will continue to be monitored for further issues and permanent resolution.

Start: 08:00 am, Thursday, 10/13/2022
End: 10:00 am, Thursday, 10/13/2022

BoilerKey Login (CAS) was temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.  Any service that relies upon BoilerKey login was unavailable during this maintenance.  These include, but are not limited to:

Brightspace, SuccessFactors, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Web Clock and more – will be unavailable to new logins during this time. Individuals needing access to a BoilerKey-protected service should plan on logging into the service before 8 a.m.

This maintenance was expected to be mostly complete by 9:30, but could still have caused disruptions through noon.  The scheduled maintenance did not affect network/internet access, Microsoft 365 (email, Teams, OneDrive,) or campus workstations.

Start: 7:00 AM, Sunday, 10/9/2022
End: 11:00 PM, Sunday, 10/9/2022

Networking technicians upgraded networking equipment on the second floor of Gyte. This caused a short network outage to devices on the second floor including computers, phones, Wi-Fi, and other devices connected to the network.

Start: 5:00 PM, Saturday, 10/8/2022
End: 7:00 PM, Saturday, 10/8/2022

Due to separate vendor issues, network outages appeared for the PNW campus, resulting in a loss of connectivity. As of 10:40 am, connection appears to be restored for one vendor issue. A fiber cut was still being repaired, which may still have affected network redundancy.

Received notice that the fiber was repaired at 4:16.

Start: 9:04 am, Saturday, October 1, 2022
End: 4:16 pm, Saturday, October 1, 2022

Customers reported that email being sent from a PNW email address was not able to send to external domains. All email being sent to an external domain was getting an Office 365 bounceback error; “Policy violation or system error”.

Start: 11:00 am, Wednesday, 09/21/2022
End: 11:46 am, Wednesday, 09/21/2022

Our technicians discovered that the Unified Messaging system that provides Voice Mail to Email function for PNW email addresses had failed. The messages were not being sent to the email address. Users were still able to access their voice mail directly as normal. The technicians in charge of this system sent an all-clear at 4:30.

To access your voice mail directly on a campus phone:
1. Select your extension on the left of the screen
2. Press the Voice Mail button (looks like O_O)
3. Enter your PIN when prompted
On an external phone, or Cisco Jabber:
1. Call your campus phone
2. When it goes to voice mail, press *
3. Enter your extension when prompted, press #
4. Enter your PIN when prompted, press #

Start: 2:20pm, Monday, 09/19/2022
End: 4:30pm, Monday, 09/19/2022

Users who are currently enrolled in the Defender for O365 Pilot (primarily IS staff) were seeing an error when signing into the Quarantine page using their email addresses. The error said that the account is not licensed to view the quarantine page, or that it was not part of the organizations Microsoft 365 subscription. The quarantine was still functional, and users could click the X or OK buttons to ignore the error.

Start: 10:30am, Monday, 09/19/2022
End: 3:57pm, Monday, 09/19/2022

Networking technicians upgraded the wireless controllers in the Hammond campus to reduce future interruptions. All wireless connections in Hammond were offline for up to one hour during this period. Devices connected to Eduroam, ATT WiFi, Calnet Media, etc. were unable to connect, including in the dorms.

Start: 12:00am, Sunday, 09/18/2022
End: 3:00am, Sunday, 09/18/2022

Our Enterprise Applications team applied Oracle quarterly patches to the production databases.
The following applications were unavailable during this maintenance:
• Banner
• Cognos
• MyPNW Portal
• Degree Works
• Unitime

Start: 3:00 pm, Saturday, 09/17/2022
End: 10:00 pm, Saturday, 09/17/2022

Users are experiencing issues using Zoom services. This affects their ability to connect to or host meetings, and accessing the Zoom website.

Zoom is aware of the issue.


Start: 10:00 am, Thursday, 09/15/2022

End: 10:45 am, Thursday, 09/15/2022

Due to a hardware failure, users may be experiencing difficulties accessing the wireless network on the Hammond campus.  Systems engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.


Start: 11:42 am, Wednesday, 09/14/2022

End: 1:09 pm, Wednesday, 09/14/2022

Some shared services housed at Purdue West Lafayette may also be affected by issues. Please visit the ITaP Status Page for more information.

ITaP Status Page

How can I get IT Notice updates?

Emergency IT Notices are sent to e-mail distribution lists containing users that are affected:

  • #PNW_All_Faculty_and_Staff
  • #PNW_All_Students

Non-Emergency IT Notices, and Scheduled Maintenance notifications are sent to the e-mail distribution list:

  • #PNW_ITNotice

Users will need to opt-in to this distribution list if they would like to receive these updates.  How to join/leave e-mail distribution lists.

All IT Notices and Scheduled Maintenance notifications will be posted to this site.