Organization Charts

Chancellor: Thomas L. Keon

  • Executive Assistant: Laura Pardonek
  • Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Kenneth (Chris) Holford
  • Vice Chancellor Information Services: Timothy Winders
  • Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Chief of Staff to the Chancellor: Lisa Goodnight
  • Vice Chancellor Finance & Administration Services: Stephen Turner
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: Elizabeth Babcock Depew
  • Executive Director of Sinai Forum: Leslie Plesac
  • Director, Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Linda B. Knox
  • Director Athletics: Richard Costello, Jr.
  • Director, Academic Operations & Strategic Initiatives: Catharine Olsen

Updated: June 2022

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Kenneth (Chris) Holford

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Rebecca Stankowski
    • Director, Graduate Studies, Joy Colwell
    • Director, Research and Sponsored Programs, Maja Marjanovic
  • Faculty Fellow/Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Meg Rincker
    • Director, Center for Faculty Excellence Professor of Education, Emily Hixon
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness and Data Strategy, Michael Bourgeois
  • Director, Academic Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Catherine Olsen

Academic Affairs Support Staff

  • Sue Bremer, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Maria Watson, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Bernadette Perez, Institutional Effectiveness Administrator
  • Debra Grant, Interim Executive Assistant to the Provost

Interim Dean, College of Business: Rachel Clapp-Smith

  • Associate Dean, Raida Abuizam
  • Associate Dean, Paolo Miranda
  • Interim Department Chair, Managerial Studies: Ari Angriawan
  • Department Chair, Quantitative Business Studies: Lin Zhao

Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Sciences: Dietmar Rempfer

  • Director, School of Engineering, Dietmar Rempfer
  • Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Li-Zhe Tan
  • Department Chair, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Nesrin Ozalp
  • Interim Department Chair, Biological Sciences, Barbara Mania-Farnell
  • Associate Dean and Interim Department Chair, Computer Science, Catherine Murphy
  • Interim Department Chair, Chemistry and Physics, Adam Rengstorf
  • Interim Department Chair, Mathematics & Statistics, Nicoleta Tarfulea

Dean, Honors College: Jonathan Swarts

  • Program Coordinator, Deborah Bachmann

Dean, College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences: Anne Gregory

  • Director, School of Education and Counseling, Anne Gregory
  • Associate Dean, Cathy Gillotti
  • Department Chair, Behavioral Sciences, Lee (Mike) Johnson
  • Department Chair, Communications and Creative Arts, Neil Nemeth
  • Department Chair, History, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Kathleen Tobin
  • Interim Department Chair, English and World Languages, Michael Lynn
  • Department Chair, Psychology, David Pick

Dean, College of Nursing: Lisa Hopp

  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Karen O’Brien
  • Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Taryn Eastland
  • Associate Dean, Online Programs, Cheryl Moredich

Dean, College of Technology: Niaz Latif

  • Associate Dean, Mohammad Zahraee
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Susan Scachitti
  • Department Chair, Engineering Technology, Athula Kulatunga
  • Department Chair, Computer Information Technology and Graphics, Keyuan Jiang
  • Department Chair, Construction Science and Organizational Leadership, Chandra V. Chandramouli

Updated: March 2022

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: Elizabeth Babcock Depew

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students: Colin Fewer, Ph.D.
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management: Sandra Steele
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success Technologies: Heather Zamojski
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing and Student Life: Scott Iverson
  • Interim Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions: Julie Wiejak
  • Director of Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives: Iris Sanchez
  • Executive Assistant: Tiffany Collins

Updated: June 2022

Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration: Stephen Turner

  • Senior Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor: Marla Funk
  • Director, Managerial Accounting: Martin Denkhoff
  • Director, Procurement and Auxiliary Services: Jennifer Hupke
  • Director, Financial Accounting and Reporting: Laurie Brookhart
  • Interim Director of Finance and Business Services: Omar Sahmoudi
  • Bursar: Maura Mulcrone

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities & Grounds, Campus Planning, Project and Space Management: Jacob Lenson

  • Senior Director: Scott Parsons
  • Director, Building Services: Karen Sullivan
  • Assistant Director, Facilities Systems and Utilities: Richard Trznadel
  • Grounds / Landscape Manager: Steven Taylor
  • Grounds / Landscape Manager: John Bachmann
  • Manager, Maintenance Services: Eric Bovard
  • Project Manager: Amy Snyder
  • Campus Planning Administrator: Rachel Krcmarich
  • Clerks:
    • Amy Bugg
    • Kathleen Neulip
    • Diana Williams

Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources: Sue Miller

  • Director, Human Resources: Jan Hanchar
  • Associate Director, Employee Development: Timothy Griffin
  • Associate Director, Benefits: Colleen Robison

Director, Public Safety: Brian Miller

  • R.E.M. Occupational Health & Safety Specialist: John Feeney
  • Lieutenant: Charles Guiliani
  • Lieutenant: Terrence Scherer
  • Clerk: Kim Butala

Executive Director Gabis Arboretum: Stephanie Blackstock

  • Visitor Services & Volunteer Coordinator: Barbara Raschke
  • Events Coordinator: Yvonne Lopez
  • Grounds and Facilities Team Lead: Sarah Reed

Vice Chancellor – Information Services: Timothy Winders

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor:  Gail Kemper
    • Departmental Secretary: Janet Allen
  • Director of University Library:  LaShawn Jones
  • Director, Enterprise Applications:  Richard Gambrell
  • Executive Director, Client Services:  Daniel Bruhn

Vice Chancellor of Institutional Advancement and Chief of Staff: Lisa Goodnight

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor / Project Manager: Kara Griffin
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications: Kris Falzone
  • Executive Director for Employer Engagement and Development Operations: Natalie Connors
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for External Engagement and Development: Matthew Wells

Updated: July 2022