Lionhearted Leaders: Ge Jin

May 4, 2023
Ge Jin headshot

PNW’s Lionhearted Leaders are faculty recognized for their exceptional work inside and outside the classroom.

Meet Ge Jin, professor of Computer Information Technology and Graphics and a Lionhearted Leader in the College of Technology.

What are your teaching methods, philosophy and goals?

The ultimate goal of my teaching is to create a high-quality learning experience for both undergraduate and graduate students. Several teaching strategies were adopted to provide a high-quality learning experience for the students. To meet this goal, well-prepared lecture slides, graphical illustration, hands-on examples, and learning-by-doing approaches have been used to improve conveying the knowledge to the students.  I focused on interacting with students, asking questions and stimulating the thinking process to create a conductive learning environment.

My teaching interests include Educational Game Design and Development, Research Method and Statistics, Digital Media, 2D and 3D Computer Graphics Applications, Introductory and Advanced Programming, and Data Visualization. I have aligned my research with teaching, and actively participated in the graduate education. My formal and informal classroom experiences have increased my knowledge as an instructor for college students, community college faculty, high school teachers and high school students. The informal classroom experiences were specialized in the development and assessment of game-based learning in instructional technology for various learners.

What are your proudest academic accomplishments?

During my tenure at Purdue University Northwest, I have taught 21 different courses including 12 computer graphics courses, six information technology courses and three graduate courses. I have submitted research grant proposals to NSF, NSA, NIH, DOE, EDA and industrial sectors, and secured 15 external grants totaling around $3.5 million as a PI or a Co-PI from NSF, NSA, DOE, EDA and industry.

I have published 11 journal articles and 24 conference proceedings in Education, Technology and Computer Science journals and conferences. The “Game-based Cybersecurity Training for High School Students” paper was published at the top-tier Proceedings of ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE’18). I received the Chanute Prize as a CIVS team member from the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest and the 2019 Purdue University Northwest Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award.

I was also nominated for the 2013, 2015, and 2016 Purdue University Northwest Outstanding Scholar Award. I have served professional society as a journal and conference reviewer, conference session chair, and conference program chair, and NSF panelists.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy playing soccer with local friends from all over the world. As an introvert, I like to watch documentary series about the Universe and science fiction movies. I also enjoy traveling with family and creating memories with my child.