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Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Concentration: Secondary Teaching (BS)

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Program Intro

Secondary teaching engages in rigorous coursework as well as intensive pedagogical training. Our program is delivered collaboratively with Purdue University Northwest’s School of Education and Counseling and is designed to prepare aspiring middle and high school mathematics instructors.

Department of Math and Statistics

In this program, you’ll learn how to reason and communicate mathematically. This prepares you as a prospective teacher to promote the same abilities in your students so they can meet state and national standards. Field experience and training on a variety of technological tools provide you with resources you’ll use in the classroom for years to come.

Curriculum Overview

This 120-credit-hour program features coursework in classical and applied mathematics as well as the pedagogical frameworks to teach them. You’ll dive deep into concepts of geometry, statistics and other core classes you’ll teach at the middle and high school levels and complete a student teaching experience.

Take general education core courses, Psychology of Learning and the first course in the calculus sequence while you adjust to university life.

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Sample Courses

  • MA 10000 – Introduction to Mathematical Sciences
  • MA 16300 – Integrated Calculus Analysis Geometry I
  • EDPS 22000 – Psychology of Learning

Broaden your knowledge of advanced math while you continue taking General Education Core courses.

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Sample Courses

  • MA 26100 – Multivariate Calculus
  • MA 26400 – Differential Equations
  • MA 26500 – Linear Algebra

Take mathematics courses that will deepen your understanding of concepts taught in middle and high school.

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Sample Courses

  • MA 33000 – Concepts in Geometry
  • STAT 34500 – Statistics
  • EDCI 36600 – Use of Assessment in the K-12 Classroom

Shift your focus to education courses and prepare to teach.

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Sample Courses

  • EDCI 32300 – Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • EDCI 34400 – Strategies of Mathematics Instruction in Senior High, Junior High and Middle Schools
  • EDCI 49700 – Supervised Teaching


Local school districts trust in the quality of our program, as evidenced by their frequent calls seeking graduates with this concentration. With most districts experiencing a shortage of qualified teachers, all recent graduates of the program who have applied for middle/secondary school teaching positions have received multiple offers.

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Upon graduation, you’ll be able to demonstrate a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge as well as the psychological and sociological aspects of mathematics learning.

In order to graduate with a teaching certification, you are required to pass the state teaching licensure exam.


There are multiple scholarships available to students in this program, including:

  • Clark Memorial Scholarship
  • Thompson Endowed Scholarship
  • Department of MSCS Scholarship

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Beyond the Classroom

We encourage you to get involved in professional organizations such as:

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • Indiana Aspiring Educators (an affiliate of ISTA, the Indiana State Teachers Association)


The Secondary Mathematics Teaching concentration supports the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accreditation of the School of Education. CAEP requires separate accreditation for each teaching discipline.

The Secondary Mathematics Teaching program is accredited through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Indiana Specialized Professional Association program review process.

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Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a Concentration in Secondary Teaching

Purdue University Northwest’s applied mathematics degree with a secondary education concentration enables you to combine field experience and classroom tools for methods that you will use in your own classroom for years to come.

To see how a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and statistics with a concentration in secondary teaching from PNW opens doors, from corporate boardrooms to non-profit leadership, take the next step today!