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Writing for Interactive Media

Undergraduate Certificate

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Program Intro

The field of interactive media has expanded rapidly over the past few years. Opportunities exist not only at the technical production level, but for content writers as well. In this program, you’ll gain theoretical understanding of interactive media – as well as practical experience in developing original proposals, designs, social media content and more.

Department of English and World Languages

Interactive media is a rapidly growing field, with abundant job opportunities for content writers, social media moderators and digital media producers. Professionals in fields like human resources, organizational safety training and education are increasingly asked to develop content for interactive media as part of their jobs.

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Curriculum Overview

Students will learn the basics of writing and editing online content, thinking and designing interactively and how users navigate online content. Upon completion of the 15-credit certificate, you will have assembled a live portfolio that showcases examples of your work equipping you to explore career opportunities more confidently.

Our course of study will share best practices and build practical experience writing across different digital platforms and audiences.

You can currently complete this program online.

Sample Courses

  • ENGL 43100 – Web Usability: Writing And Reading On The Web
  • ENGL 43500 – Topics In Writing For Interactive Digital Media

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The certificate can easily be completed in one year. All courses are available online, every semester.

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Upon completion of the certificate, you’ll have a portfolio that includes original design proposals for sample interactive media, web usability studies and games/gamification strategies. Many of the courses in this program explore career opportunities in the field.

Meet the Faculty

Mark Mabrito

Mark Mabrito, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Mark Mabrito is a Professor of English in the Department of English. He also is the department’s Director of Computer Labs and Computer-Supported Writing.

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