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  • Mike Mars

    Ambitious PNW grad dedication

    Ambitious Purdue Northwest grad proves dedication matters

    Purdue Northwest grad proves continuous determination and dedication matters to achieving goals.

  • Running

    PNW grad goals

    PNW grad runs toward his goals

    Avid runner of PNW runs towards his goals.

  • Meden Issac-Lam

    Dedicated to Discovery

    Meet Meden Isaac-Lam, Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Life of Associate Professor of Chemistry at PNW,

  • A lion statue on PNW's Westville campus

    PNW grad excels

    Purdue Northwest grad finds direction and excels

    PNW grad finds hard work and determination can forge new pathways in life and excels.

  • Optimistic and thankful

    Optimistic and thankful

    Optimistic and thankful: Purdue Northwest scholarship winner

    PNW scholarship winner have always been optimistic, thankful and resilient following in her mother’s footsteps.

  • Andrew Perez on wind turbine

    Purdue Northwest grad part of industry renewal

    Purdue Northwest grad is part of an industry’s renewal

    PNW grad is part of an industry’s renewal, maintaining the giant propeller-like generator sitting some 300 feet above the ground on a massive steel rod.

  • santa elf book cover

    Purdue Northwest alumna fulfills father’s wish

    Purdue Northwest alumna fulfills father’s wish to publish children’s Christmas book

    Publishing a children’s Christmas book to fulfills father’s wish 12 years after completing her academic journey at Purdue University Northwest Heather Zivkovich.

  • Michael Tu

    Cybersecurity professor recognized for contributing to cybersecurity workforce

    Cybersecurity professor, Michael Tu, strengthening the cybersecurity workforce

    Cybersecurity professor Michael Tu, was recognized by the NSA for his contributions in authoring curriculum as part of the agency’s National Cybersecurity Curriculum Program.

  • CERN research laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland Hero

    Studying the Origin of the Universe

    Purdue Northwest professor Neeti Parashar among winning team of scientists.

    PNW professor Neeti Parashar among recently honored among more than 400 scientific researchers with the 2019 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize warded by the European Physical Society (EPS).

  • PNW Alum Hugo Cedeno

    Hugo Cedeno

    The School of Engineering at Purdue University Northwest is #PNWEngineeringProud of alumnus and current graduate student Hugo Cedeño!