All PNW students have access to academic support services, including tutoring, at no additional charge. Peer tutors are using Zoom to offer online tutoring by-appointment for specific courses.

Our tutors are peers that have taken these courses at PNW.  They excel academically, are professor recommended, attended class with these professors and are familiar with the course requirements.  Check the schedule and make an appointment to secure your place.

Students talk together on campus.

Online By-Appointment Tutoring

Request 30-minute Zoom Appointments with a peer tutor. Requests should be made at least twelve hours prior to the appointment but no more than 7 days in advance.

Tutoring is available for most major courses. Appointment times and classes are subject to change.

Courses and Tutoring Times

By-Appointment Tutoring Request

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Students enrolled in any of the following courses are eligible to participate in online tutoring with Tutor.com.  Professional tutors are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day through your Brightspace course.

MA 11500, MA 14700, MA 14800, MA 15300, MA 15400, and NUR 27400.


By-Appointment Tutoring Schedules

By-Appointment online tutoring is available.

Spring 2021 By-Appointment Tutoring Schedule

By-Appointment Tutoring Overview

  • By-Appointment peer-tutoring is free for all Purdue University Northwest students and available in most major subjects
  • Make an appointment for a 30-minute online tutoring session through Zoom
  • Make up to two appointments per subject at a time
  • Requests should be made 12 hours prior to the appointment but not more than 7 days in advance
  • Cancel unwanted appointments through Navigate. Two no-shows within a semester may result in loss of tutoring privileges
  • Sessions are very interactive, and tutors will lead you in doing your own work
  • Tutors will help you structure your work, discover your learning style, and become an independent, confident learner

Private Tutoring for Purdue Northwest Students

Student Academic Support will make every attempt to arrange free, private, one-on-one tutoring for Purdue University Northwest students affiliated with the specific programs listed below.

  • Disability Access Center
  • 21st Century Scholars
  • Veteran Services
  • McNair Achievement Program
  • Student Athletes
  • Brother-2-Brother (SAAB)
  • Sisters With a Purpose (SWAP)

Students should make a tutoring appointment if available for their course.  If tutoring for the requested course is not available, visit the program website or contact the administrator(s) of the program to request a tutor.  Student Academic Support will contact you when a qualified tutor is located.

Are you a non-PNW student interested in private tutoring? Please email sas@pnw.edu for more information.

Want to Join the Team?

Learn more about becoming a supplemental instruction leader, tutor or office assistant. You can also see a full listing of Student Employment Opportunities.

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