All PNW students have access to free academic support services, including tutoring.

Students talk together on campus.

Online Group Tutoring Session

Use Google Meet to join a tutor and other students that may log in. Participate as often as you would like and stay as long as the session is scheduled. Come prepared to ask questions and review material.

Join an Online Group Tutoring Session

A PNW student in the classroom

Remote By-Appointment Tutoring

Request a remote 30-minute, one-on-one appointment with a peer tutor. You may request one session per week, one week at a time. Please provide 24-hour notice and watch your PNW email for confirmation.

Request By-Appointment Tutoring

Our tutors and supplemental instruction leaders are peers that have taken these courses at PNW and are familiar with the professors and course content. We do not take appointments—just follow the schedule and drop in!

Walk-In Tutoring Schedules

Spring 2020: Hammond Campus

Spring 2020: Westville Campus

Walk-in Tutoring Overview

  • Walk-in tutoring is free for all Purdue students and available in most major subjects
  • No appointment necessary: just check the schedule(s) and show up
  • Peer-assisted, small-group tutoring
  • Sessions are very interactive, and tutors will lead you in doing your own work
  • Tutors will help you structure your work, discover your learning style, and become an independent, confident learner

What NOT to Expect from Walk-in Tutoring

  • Tutors will not do your work for you. Instead, they will help you find your own answers.
  • Tutors will not re-teach the course material. You must attend class, do the assigned reading, and take notes to receive tutoring.
  • Don’t make exam reviews your only visit to the tutoring center. Students are most successful when they attend tutoring on a regular basis throughout the semester, not just when attending before exams.

Private Tutoring for Purdue Northwest Students

Student Academic Support will make every attempt to arrange free, private, one-on-one tutoring for Purdue University Northwest students affiliated with the specific programs listed below.

  • Disability Access Center
  • 21st Century Scholars
  • Veteran Services
  • McNair Achievement Program
  • Student Athletes
  • Brother-2-Brother (SAAB)
  • Sisters With a Purpose (SWAP)

Students should visit the program website or contact the administrator(s) of these programs to request a tutor. Student Academic Support will then attempt to find a qualified tutor. Students can receive up to two hours of free one-on-one tutoring each week, on campus, per an agreed-upon schedule between the tutor and the student.

Are you a non-PNW student interested in private tutoring? Please email sas@pnw.edufor more information.

Want to join the team?

Learn more about becoming a supplemental instruction leader, tutor or office assistant. You can also see a full listing of Student Employment Opportunities.