Supplemental Instruction

Our Supplemental Instruction offers free study sessions led by students with proven success in your courses! Supplemental Instruction leaders are attending key courses and ready to assist you with scheduled sessions.

Supplemental Instruction

Ask questions, practice solving problems and review theory for a specific course through study sessions facilitated by an SI Leader. All sections welcome.

There are no SI sessions during the summer terms. A new schedule will be released when SI resumes in the fall.

My tutor was very informational and explained how to work each problem in different ways.

S.I. Student

  • They explained the answers to problems in great detail (if we needed extra help) to make sure we understood before the test.
  • My SI leader does a great job at making the material easy to understand. He challenges us in a good way to help us break down the information for our own understanding.
  • They answer all questions we have and give us lots of ways to practice and enhance our knowledge.
  • The concept was broken down into a more feasible and easy to understand thought process.
  • The SI leader is always extremely helpful with working out practice questions step-by-step and it makes this challenging subject feel much easier to tackle.
  • SI guided us through some problems and always made sure we understood the concept before moving on.
  • They answered any questions I had and were very effective on giving us tips and advice.

Supplemental Instruction Overview

  • The Supplemental Instruction leader is attending class with you and is there to assist you. Feel free to ask them questions through Brightspace.
  • Leaders attending lectures will post the supplemental instruction session days, times, and locations on Brightspace.
  • While leaders will only attend the lectures for an assigned course section, students from all sections of the course are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Although courses cover the same material, individual professors may teach at different rates, cover topics in a different order, and/or put different levels of emphasis/importance on material. You should always adhere to your specific professor’s instructions, preferences, or methods.

Important Notes

  • Sessions will end before Final Exam week, although there may be special “Exam Jam” sessions for specific SI courses. Please ask the supplemental instruction leader or email for more information.
  • We offer separate tutoring hours for many of these courses as well.

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Meet Our Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Course SI LeaderCampusSession #1Location #1Session #2Location #2
BIOL 21300 (Section 14)
BIOL 21300 (Section 2)
BIOL 21400 (Section 4)
CHM 11500 (Section 35)
CHM 11500 (Section 36)
CHM 11500 (Section 51)
CHM 11600 (Section 6)
CHM 11900 (Section 17)
CHM 25500 (Section 3)
MA 15300 (Section 67)
MA 15400 (Section 3)
MA 16300 (Section 2)CarlosHammond
NUR 18800 (Section 6)Khalilah Hammond
NUR 28201 (Section 7)Ashley

NUR 41500 (Section 2)IsabellaHammond
NUR 41500 (Section 1)SydneyWestville