Have questions about tutoring and supplemental instruction at PNW?

There may be courses that we can assist you with that are not on the tutoring schedule.  Feel free to ask the office assistant at the front desk of the tutoring center or email us at sas@pnw.edu to inquire.  We will check with the tutors and let you know ASAP.

Hammond campus: GYTE 102 | Westville campus: LSF 202

Monday-Thursday, 8:00am -7:00pm. Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.

The earlier the better. It is best to get help early in the semester or as soon as you realize that the class or topic is going to be difficult. The earlier you start the better chance you have of being successful. See your professor, stop by the tutoring center and/or attend an S.I. session. Don’t wait until you’re lost or failed an exam or quiz.

Walk-in Tutoring starts the first week of the semester and continues through the week of final exams. Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions start the second or third week of the semester and continue until the last week of class.

Bring your textbook, your notes, paper, and writing utensil and a calculator if you need one. It is best if you have done the assigned readings and at least attempted the homework so you’ll have a better idea of where you need the extra help. Our tutors and SI Leaders won’t do your homework for you but they will review theory and concepts.

Private Tutoring is available for students affiliated with any one of the seven programs on campus: Disability Access Center, Veteran’s Services, 21st Century Scholars, McNair Achievement Program, Intercollegiate Athletic Program, SWAP and Brother2Brother. If this applies to you, visit the program website to complete a Tutor Request Form or speak with the Program Coordinator or Director to make a request.

Student Academic Support uses kiosks to track attendance so we know what services are being utilized. We use this data along with course success rates to determine what areas need additional support and when those services should be offered.

PNW has a variety of resources to help students succeed, including the following!

  • Writing Center
  • Disability Access Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Testing Services Center
  • PNW Library
  • Financial Aid

If you need help with a course or subject when PNW resources are not available, you can also turn to the following free online resources:

A website with short educational lessons, supplementary practice exercises, videos and online courses to prepare for Standardized tests, like the SAT, LMCAT and LSAT.

An online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages.

A website that contains a graphing calculator and digital math activities.  Their mission is to help every student learn and love learning math.

Crash Course
An educational YouTube channel containing short videos on a variety of different topics.

Our website includes the tutoring schedule, the link to make an online tutoring appointment and the Zoom links to attend SI sessions. When you make a tutoring appointment, you will receive a confirmation that includes the Zoom link for the session.

All PNW students currently enrolled in undergraduate classes are eligible for tutoring.

Tutoring and SI sessions can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring and S.I. sessions provide individualized attention that can’t be obtained in the classroom. It also keeps you (the student) stay on track. Prior to your tutoring appointment or SI session, you should have reviewed the material and be ready with questions.

SI sessions are interactive, group review sessions facilitated by an SI Leader that attends the lectures and communicates with the professor for a specific class. The SI Leader is able to create an agenda that is focused on the most important content and creates pre-planned activities for practice and discussion. With tutoring, the tutor answers the questions that the tutee poses and assists in the learning by providing examples, clarity and practice.

For information and qualifications about being a tutor, Supplemental Instruction Leader or Office Assistant, please visit our website, pnw.edu/sas.

The Writing Center is available to assist students with planning, writing and revising papers. They are located in LSF 211 on the Westville campus and CLO 263 – 265 on the Hammond campus. For more information, visit the Writing Center website.

No. Although we do our best to meet every students’ needs, tutors may not be available for the course or at a time that is convenient for the student.