Limited Term Lecturers

Procedures for the Appointment of New Limited Term Lecturers

In accordance with Purdue University Policy IV.14.4 “Limited term Lecturers are not regular employees of the University. The term of appointment may not exceed one semester. There is no limitation on the number of semesters that an individual may be employed as a Limited-term lecturer of the individual’s FTE for all Limited-term lecturer positions is less than .50 FTE per semester. An individual who holds a Limited-term lecturer position(s) with an FTE of .50 or greater may not be employed as a Limited-term lecturer for more than six continuous academic-year semesters without the approval of the president of his/her designee.”
Procedures for hiring limited-term lecturers are summarized below.
All limited-term lecturers in order to teach a credit course, including those offered through Continuing Education, on-or-off campus, must be approved by the chair of the academic department responsible for the course in question.

Within each academic department it is expected that an on-going dialogue will take place in regard to the need for limited-term lecturers, keeping in mind the needs of the college and institution in general.

The Department Chair in consultation with the Dean of College will determine the number of limited-term lecturer positions to be assigned to the Department.

On an annual basis, each April, the departmental secretaries in consultation with the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer, will prepare an AA Form 2F, Request to Post Faculty Position Form, and an AA form 2.1 Search Plan.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office will prepare and place advertisements in appropriate and reasonable media venues to recruit limited-term lecturers.

The academic department secretary, after receipt of the statement of interest, acknowledges it by sending an application form requesting the application to be returned to the department.

Upon receipt of the application form, the Department Chair will determine the status of the applicant: bona fide or non bona fide.

The department secretary will send as appropriate a non-bona fide letter to the applicant.

The department secretary will send us appropriate a non-bona fide letter to the applicant.

The Department Chair will review all bona fide applicants and select for an on-campus interview those who meet the needs of the academic department for the upcoming semester.

The Department Chair, in consultation with the Dean, will make a verbal offer to the selected candidates, including, but not limited to, a discussion of available teaching assignment(s), stipend and conditions of employment.

Upon acceptance of a verbal offer by the successful candidate, Department Chair will issue a contract for signature approval by the Dean and VCAA Officer designee.

Receipt of a signed contract from the candidate will constitute acceptance of the offer.