Student Resources

The department offers a number of resources to students looking for academic support and success.

These range from clubs/organizations to participating in student research projects, including the opportunity to engage in high-energy physics research at prominent laboratories such as Fermilab and CERN.

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Student Resources

Our majors enjoy close contact with their professors and work with them towards building a solid foundation in their chosen discipline. Resources include:

  • Hands-on laboratory instruction
  • Research-based, interactive lectures
  • Access to state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Smaller department feel for enhanced quality of interaction with faculty
  • Opportunity to participate in undergraduate research
  • Opportunity to work at national and international research laboratories such as Fermi, CERN and Argonne National Lab
  • Research opportunities in the exciting field of quasar astronomy and in computational models of dense star clusters using GRAPE supercomputers
  • Opportunity for observational astronomy research using NIRo robotic telescope
  • Paid undergraduate TA opportunities
  • Free tutoring and supplemental instruction in certain courses available through Exploratory Advising
  • Opportunities for social and service activities through the Chemistry and Physics Club, the College Ambassador’s Program, the Science Olympiad competition, and outreach to local schools.

Academic Advisors

JC White

Academic Advisor

(219) 785-5582

Westville Campus, LSF 221 (Monday)
Hammond Campus, GYTE 171H (Tuesday to Friday)